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He has worked as a journalist and content writer since graduating from Penn State with a Bachelor's in Professional Writing in 2016.

At Brand Yourself, a marketing firm, he produced personal blogs for executives in medicine, finance, law, tech, and other fields. Using link-building, readability testing and other search-friendly strategies, he created copy that ensured clients' blog sites achieved first-page ranking on Google.

As a journalist with the Reading Eagle, he used a sharp sense of relevance to relay news highlights, event coverage, and special features to a daily readership of 123,000. His work involved quickly and reliably absorbing topical material and consolidating dense information into concise, captivating stories. He carried out research, interviews, and on-the-ground coverage while embodying the Reading Eagle's reputation for professionalism, accuracy, and objectivity.
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Content writing, blogging, news and article writing, email writing, copywriting, conversion copywriting, storytelling, editing, branding, digital marketing, link building, search engine optimization, search engine marketing,


James Madison University

Maintained Dean's List standing throughout his academic career.

Penn State University

Maintained Dean's List standing throughout his academic career.

Received the Professional Writing award, given annually to one student who demonstrates academic excellence and exemplary writing skill.


600 Projects Completed

So many companies fail for one simple reason. Underexposure. They could have countless satisfied customers. Sadly, the same people who would benefit most from their products have no idea these companies exist.

His job as a content writer is to cure chronic underexposure. He has helped dozens of professionals in fields like tech, medicine, law and more prove their worth to customers. How? By providing genuine value via insightful, engaging copy. Today's consumers are constantly bombarded by advertising. They've been conditioned to know the difference between a smart choice and a hollow sales pitch.

He will show your customers value by laying out exactly how what you offer can benefit them. He'll capture their imagination, and ensure your expertise shines. Using tried and tested marketing strategies, he'll create content that truly sets you and your product apart.

Search Marketing

400 Projects Completed

Maximizing searchability isn't only about choosing the right keywords. It's about creating content so compelling that it dominates a niche.

Searchable content is smart content. It's written in a style that anyone can understand, while providing info that not everyone knows. It's organized to make it as easy as possible for readers to get what they clicked for. And it deploys specific, well-chosen keywords in an organic way.

He has learned these lessons through thousands of hours spent writing for clients in a variety of industries, including tech, medicine, real estate, gaming, and more. He uses search-friendly strategies to create content, links and meta tags that rank high on Google, and make the reading experience seamless and enjoyable.

Blog Post

700 Projects Completed

In-depth research, search engine optimization, reader-friendly formatting and style: clients can expect all of these from his blogs. More than that, his content embodies one basic element often absent from blog content: strong, informative, entertaining writing.

Modern search engine algorithms are skilled at weeding out and de-ranking keyword-stuffed puff pieces. Today, the best content offers quality, as well as specificity. He excels at crafting blogs that do exactly that.

Working with marketing firm BrandYourself, he wrote personal blogs for everyone from Silicon Valley executives and TV personalities to small business owners. His content regularly ranked on Google's first page, and received frequent compliments from clients.

Using an easy-to-read writing style and simple, effective formatting, he'll build you blogs that capture the essence of your message and keep audiences reading.


400 Projects Completed

Readers in search of information seek answers to the following questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

He has written hundreds of articles, answering thousands of those questions. As a news correspondent with the Reading Eagle, his job was to find the truth. To address all questions that cross readers' minds and more. To provide nothing less than the insight implied by an article's title.

Accomplishing those goals meant using every tool in a reporter's arsenal: on-the-ground coverage, phone interviews, extensive research into public records, deep dives into online content. In short, he knows how to find the story, and he would be glad to put his talent to work crafting you valuable, insightful articles. Short or long-form content, objective reporting, or editorials: he does it all, and he does it well.

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