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Daniel holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism with an emphasis in visual communications and a minor in Graphic Design. He likes to write for his personal blog as well as reviewing media such as video games, movies and TV shows. He also enjoys general features writing about those same video games, movies and TV shows.


Daniel specializes in the entertainment industry. Specifically, he writes about fandoms like Star Wars, Marvel, D.C. and other comic book movies. He also writes about video games including, but not limited to, first-person shooters and role-playing games.


Daniel loves Star Wars, Marvel and DC among other assorted comic book media. He is also an avid gamer that is partial to competitive first-person shooters like VALORANT and Apex Legends. He also enjoys watching esports in those same games.


University of Nevada, Reno

I received my Bachelor's degree from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2021. I majored in Journalism with an emphasis in Visual Communications and a minor in Graphic Design.


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Daniel is passionate about his favorite fandoms but he loves many different genres of movie and television. Aside from Star Wars and Marvel movies, Daniel also enjoys many different horror movies. He specifically likes post-apocalyptic movies.


4 Projects Completed

Daniel has been gaming since he was very young and played his father's PlayStation 1. From there he found his favorite game series of all time in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. More recently, Daniel has followed and played competitive first-person shooters and role-playing games. Daniel is also a fan of VALORANT and Apex Legends esports.


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Daniel is well versed in technology terms and nuances. He has always liked following technology news and tinkering with the latest devices. He also built the computer he writes on by himself, so he understands PC building culture.


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Daniel has written a multitude of different kinds of articles in his time studying to be a journalist ranging from a contextual piece about the Native American struggle for water rights over the last century to opinions pieces about the new Dying Light game that was announced.


6 Projects Completed

Scriptwriting is one of Daniel's favorite forms of writing. He loves to see his work translate seamlessly into video. He has written scripts for videos about Marvel shows as well as a small PSA for the Los Aneles County Department of Public Works.

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