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Let's start with the most recent experience. He started an ad agency with two others and wrote for doctors in the mental health field. They managed to grow one specific business from zero to the specialist needing a larger office at ketamineslc.com

He has also worked with larger medical clinics like Neurosciencecenter.com, writing content for landing pages, and is their sole blog content creator.

Prior to co-owning the agency, he worked at Glidepaddlesports.com for 6 years. Creating everything from sales copy to informational and promotional material. As well as, product descriptions and email marketing campaigns.

His blog is AdventureLifers.com, where you can learn about what he explores in his free time.

While outdoor sports and the medical field seem an awkward pairing. This is what makes him a versatile writer, both technical and fun.
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His passion is the written word. It is one of the most powerful tools in personal relationships and business dealings.

He has multiple competencies and 6 years of writing sales copy, blogging, ad copy, and print marketing materials.

Although strange, his main focus and content work has been in the outdoor sports industry and medical field. To be exact, ketamine therapy, rock climbing, and paddlesports.

He focuses his writing by starting with in-depth keyword research, identifying search intent, and creating compelling, useful content. Eventually, leading to more engagement, sales, and leads.

Content marketing that is evergreen on-site is pivotal. His efforts are on creating a focused content strategy that will continue to benefit any business.

Finally, email marketing. His strategies have produced marked results. Increasing click-through rates and conversion rates for multiple businesses and industries.


University of Utah

He learned how to grab attention by using words. The psychology of marketing interests me immensely. Although, he only wants to market things that better people's lives.


300 Projects Completed

This is his wheelhouse. He has been driving around the country climbing and skiing for the last ten years. This is why he started AvdentureLifers.com to share his knowledge.

There's nothing better than being outside half scaring yourself. Secondly, enjoying a beverage around the campfire after the day.


90 Projects Completed

For the past 2 years, he has been writing for mental health practitioners that provide ketamine therapy. It's a technical aspect of writing that requires a lot of research. However, it is enjoyable to help people struggling in life through words.

Blog Post

300 Projects Completed

The number of blog posts Michael has completed is done is getting long. Through true enjoyment, words spill out of him.

Medical blogs, camper van blogs, hiking, climbing, and skiing blogs are where his words live.

By being able to pivot and be versatile, Michael has created countless blog posts for himself and others.


150 Projects Completed

He has written many articles from adolescence into his 30's. Often personal pieces in the beginning and transitioned to writing professionally.

Writing in the medical field has been focused on mental health. The technical aspect of writing in this field sets him apart from other writers.

He especially enjoys writing about outdoor sports. This is where is free-time energy is used.

Landing Page

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Through studying copywriting and A/B testing he has managed to dramatically improve landing page click-through rates and conversions.

His marketing strategy is to open a loop, close it and open another. Creating an engaging campaign for his clients,

He says the most with as few words as possible.

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