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Edwin could add 30 years of executive leadership experience to your projects. As an expert in the charity sector, his writing covers the impact of environments and systems on human behaviour.

Additionally, Edwin can contribute to your tech review projects. His keen interest in online platforms and his compulsion for testing new systems provide the ideal backdrop.

Finally, his extensive lived experience combined with a pedantic nature that habitually researches a broad spectrum of interests further expands his writing skills.
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Edwin specializes in articles that require extensive research and which may require citations. He is also competent at producing infographics that provide further insights into the subject matter. Whether you need a Whitepaper, Training Workbooks, or Technical Reviews, it would be prudent to consider Edwin for the task.

His profession-specific interests are in social justice, the evolving behavioral sciences, and all forms of altruism. On these topics, he can combine facts with passion and produce influential pieces for your organization.

Edwin has extensively contributed to Simplify Gardening as a freelance writer. Posts are published under the name of the site owner.


Edwin’s interests are values motivated. A keen interest in creating ever-improving outcomes for marginalized and at-risk communities is his primary driver. Exploring alternatives to energy production, food production, and consumption balances is a close second.

Edwin’s communication is most effective when it aligns with his passions. It allows him to be authentic, which is his preferred point of departure.



Development studies - Child and Adolescent Development

Non Profit

32 Projects Completed

After a decade as a serial entrepreneur in the motor industry, education, and engineering, Edwin turned his energies to initiate and run several charities. His focus was on ensuring the best possible outcomes for at-risk children in a familial context—maternal health, family wellbeing, as well as improving development stages.

The World Childhood Foundation (Sweden), Kinderfonds MAMAS (Netherlands), and The Dignity Foundation (Ireland) recognized Edwin for his work with adolescents with behavioral challenges.
As a serial founder, director, and trustee for several charities internationally, Edwin has extensive experience in organizational management and improving sustainability.

Web Development

5 Projects Completed

Web Development
Edwin’s interest in web technologies started in 1979 as a cryptographer in the military. He participated in the switch from Telex to HyperText at its formative stages. He had always sought ways to promote technologies and even founded a Computer Training Centre in 1985 – in the days when DOS, Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect, and dBaseIV were still a thing.

Throughout his life, he has closely followed developing technologies, with a particular interest in cloud technologies, the emergence of JAMStack options, as well as other rapidly evolving frameworks and their alternatives - Google (Firebase and Angular), Facebook (React), AWS (Amplify), and his personal black swan, Svelte-Kit.

Green Living

5 Projects Completed

Edwin has spent the last two decades helping impoverished communities become more self-sustaining. His natural empathetic disposition, matched with his ability to simplify complex concepts, has enabled him to be catalytic in assisting the communities in creating food production and waste reclamation enterprises.
He has a particular interest in affordable food production optimization, using a combination of shade-cloth and polytunnels. Additionally has assisted communities in creating micro-enterprises, with PET and aluminum recycling as the primary focus. He has also been instrumental in helping emerging artists to repurpose waste materials for their pieces.


26 Projects Completed

Every funding proposal is, in essence, a business plan. In these plans, Edwin includes the usual Executive Summary, Strategy, Forecasts, Competitive Analysis, and Financial Forecasts. The only significant difference is the inclusion of a Theory of Change. The theory of change details the link between the problem statement and the steps needed to achieve the desired impact.

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