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Pana G is a friendly freelance writer and quality-content creator. He provides well-crafted copy on various topics like personal finance, health, beauty, and science. Pana has also worked with an assortment of clients, from different corners of the world. Has written blogs and articles for several individuals and companies in a variety of niches.
Involved in academic writing and college magazines.
Writes stories (Friction, etc).
He credits successful writing criteria to his love for well-researched content that speaks to audiences and exceeds client expectations. He enjoys digging deep into whatever research material he can find and transforming it into easily digestible material. Not only that, but he’s also a stickler for deadlines because he believes good content is only worth it if delivered on time.
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Pana recently worked for a client and has written copywriter and blog post for him. He has also completed tasks that required him to do his own research in a timed manner to meet the deadline


Pana loves reading all sorts of books and watching television in his free time. He’s an extrovert, so he does spend a lot of time outdoors. He also has interest in art, music and outdoor activities.



Pana has written blogs and articles for several individuals and also as part of his studies in a variety of niches.
Involved in academic writing and the college magazine.


35 Projects Completed

Pana has experience with popular trending fashion. Fashion is one of his favorite niches and his articles have high readability and engaging content.


28 Projects Completed

Pana has written extensively on personal health, fitness, supplements and diet. He mainly writes on how best you can live a healthy life and which supplements products work so you can choose the best one for your needs.


19 Projects Completed

Pana has written interesting articles on insurance, tax, and banking.
He has also written some articles on business, the benefits of starting a business, and money management. He enjoys helping people with his well-researched work


118 Projects Completed

Pana has gained a lot of experience writing articles about personal loans and car rentals. .
If you're looking for thrilling articles, all Pana needs is a reference article and he nails it for you

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64 Projects Completed

Pana has written several blog posts on various topics including religion, beauty, and relationships

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27 Projects Completed

His previous work included writing about the health benefits of specific CBD products.

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