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Life is not boring and neither should your website content. Jill B has spent as much of her life in a classroom learning to write as she has been living her life to the fullest. Whether it be at work as an Optician, playing online games with anonymous people, or floating down the Deschutes river with her husband, Jill B knows how to make the most of everything she does. She is adept at multiple social media marketing tools, facebook, twitter, blogging; she is a package deal. Jill B knows how content shared online can either be stagnant or vibrant and full of relevant and interesting information.


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As a current optician at a local eyecare provider, Jill B., has a unique perspective into the working field of medical providers. She has helped to create websites, facebook, and twitter accounts successfully for the doctors who need to spend time with patients, not online. Short blog postings with interesting ways to give information to the patient are her specialty. She would love to help you greet your patients online so your staff can greet them in person.


Having received a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies, Jill B. has written more papers on spirituality than she cares to admit. While in school they were not paid projects they taught her how to write about a sensitive subject in a way that allows for an unbiased approach. It is this ability which makes her writing stand out in a crowd of other papers.


With numerous friends and family in the construction business Jill B. has helped to create content for their websites to help build traffic and business for them. Her specialties for construction are plumbing, painting, and indoor cabinetry, but she is willing to take on other similar lines of business to grow her abilities in this area.

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