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Lindsay has been writing since the age of four. As a spelling bee champion and honors English student, she's never relinquished her first passion, writing. Spending the first eighteen years of her life in Kansas City, she moved to Los Angeles to study fashion design, spent a couple of years in New York City and finally returned to LA.

Throughout her career, she has written articles for online platforms, done mystery shopping reviews for five-star hotel chains, been a proud member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers), published a poem, recorded an album with all original lyrics, completed her first memoir, and written for a few different blogs.

The idea for her most recent blog was spurred by her solo travels to Peru and Japan and her general love for exploration and wine. Lindsay also completed volunteer writing work for a foundation that tells refugees' stories in an effort to end human rights violations for marginalized communities. In 2005, she volunteered as an editorial assistant for the independently owned and operated Atomica Magazine, an art and music lifestyle publication.

She quit her full-time career as an Art Director in the fashion industry in September 2021. Friends and colleagues sought Lindsay for help with their resumés, emails, and other professional correspondence.

She is a grammatical junky who recently completed a certificate in linguistics for beginners course as all things language continue to fascinate her. She'll be the first to claim her life experiences and travels have greatly contributed to her innate writing skills.
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Lindsay specializes in creative writing, blog and content writing, and editing with experience in fashion, travel, and the digital nomad lifestyle. She'll soon be living in a converted school bus turned tiny home on wheels that's she's currently building with her partner.

She has a deep interest in the human experience and how to tell those stories in a way that's never been told before. She has the ability to inject humor into hard truths and invoke the spectrum of emotions. Lindsay has the ability to remain neutral or objective in her writing style, as well. She can edit and read something for grammar and spelling best practices and offer constructive criticism.


As an Art Director in the fashion industry, naturally, Lindsay loves clothes and accessories. She is a self proclaimed oenophile (lover of wine), doer of yoga, lover of music and animals and she enjoys all things travel, whether it be across oceans or right in her own backyard.

Lindsay loves learning about new cultures, traditions and foods. She is currently co-building a tiny home on wheels in the form of a 1992 Bluebird International 25ft school bus - DIY style. Tiny homes and tiny home storage solutions have fascinated her for years as does the prospect of downsizing and becoming more environmentally friendly.


Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Lindsay attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA two months after graduating high school. She earned her degree in fashion design.


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Lindsay has spent the last 16+ years of her life working in the fashion industry in some capacity. She earned her degree in fashion design and began doing design and graphic work for well known brands like Ed Hardy, Disney, Hello Kitty, Warner Bros, Forever 21, Princess Cruise Lines, and many more. She spent two years in New York City where her main focus was jewelry.

Lindsay is well versed in all things apparel and accessories and how to take a concept through to production. She spent months, after college, driving around Los Angeles building relationships with manufacturers, graders, and pattern makers. She's worked with everything from embroidery to cashmere to embellishments and wovens.

She currently works full time as an Art Director for licensed product.


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Lindsay maintains a blog that is primarily about local and global travels, inspired by a solo trip she made to Peru in 2016. She dives into culture, people, landscape, food and beverage and so much more.

Lindsay is an avid travel planner, often asked by others, "How did you know about this?" or "How did you get such a great deal?!" She searches for the roads less traveled, the less tourists the better and she's often left in wonder by the smallest detail. Lindsay believes that life is about the little moments that we'll never forget: an encouraging, friendly smile from a stranger or the jumping photo on the side of an empty road, sheep and glaciers in the backdrop. She writes extensively about moments that appear troublesome at first but manages to find the deeper, impactful purpose behind them.

She has traveled solo to Peru and Japan and has traveled most of California, many places in which native Californians have never been.


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Lindsay maintains a blog where she writes extensively about lifestyle, whether it be hers or someone else's. She focuses on positivity and showcasing the benefits of living the life one dreams. When she's not writing about wine tasting on California's Central Coast, she's interviewing friends, musicians, lightworkers and others about their lifestyle choices and the roads that led them there.


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Lindsay is a self-proclaimed oenophile, lover of wine. She often travels to California's central coast for the weekends, is a member of three different wine clubs, including one she does affiliate marketing for and loves sharing her discoveries and knowledge.

Designing wine labels for Ed Hardy Wine, years ago, was one of her favorite projects and now, she writes about wine with the intention of educating and entertaining others.

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Over the course of three different blogs, Lindsay has written nearly 200 blog posts utilizing SEO best practices.

She writes everything from how-tos to business and product reviews to travel guides to very personal anecdotes.


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Lindsay D. currently works for a mental healthcare company based out of Tennessee, creating quality, actionable content for their website utilizing SEO best practices and the company's SOP.


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As a designer and writer, Lindsay is often assigned the dual task of designing one-sheets for performing artists in which she would also create the copy, including a bio/profile.

She's also written a handful of blog posts and articles featuring individual artists. Lindsay covers everything from history to current, both personal and professional. Most recently, she wrote about a Puerto Rican singer/songwriter turned Reiki master living in the Andes of Peru, practicing her craft and recrafted and edited a bio for an up-and-coming NYC-based fashion designer.

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