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Silencio B. is a writer currently living in the state of Minnesota. He has a background in computer repair, network administration, and telecommunications. Over the years he has worked in a variety of industries, which lends a certain amount of verisimilitude to his words. No matter what he does, his passion is writing and it has kept him busy for the past decade.

Billed as a "jack-of-all-trades" writer, Silencio B. has written hundreds of articles over the years for both individuals and businesses. His work consists of traditional copy, web copy, reviews, descriptions and optimized article writing as well as fiction, poetry and other forms of creative writing. As a writer for hire, his work has appeared in various places both online and off.

He prides himself on his ability to write authoritatively about any subject no matter how complex the topic. His clients give his work nothing but praise. His relentless research methods and ability to choose the right words for the topic are what sets him apart from many other writers. He also does not shy away from any project. No matter the job, he is willing to take it and prove his skill to his clients.


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Industry Projects

  • Search Marketing50+
  • Software20+
  • Banking10+
  • Sports10+
  • Women10+

Summary of Industry Experience

Search Marketing

Most of Silencio B's early career had a very strong focus on SEO and search marketing. Many of his articles consist of ways to optimize for search engines, means by which companies can use search engines to their advantage and ways to incorporate search engines into an overall marketing strategy.


A large portion of the articles written by Silencio B.have to do with technology, and by extension, software. He has written extensively about both consumer and enterprise software applications. These include operating systems, productivity software, security software and various others.


Silencio B.'s portfolio includes many banking related articles. This includes articles that outline various methods that credit unions can compete with banks, how banks and credit unions can benefit from statement marketing and bank related software. He also writes about business in general as it relates to hiring and training a workforce and banks are included in that work as well.


Most sports related projects by Silencio B. have to do with the medicine side of the industry. This includes articles about sports medicine and physiotherapy. He also has articles dealing with sporting goods and equipment.


Silencio B. has written numerous articles about and for women. These include articles about women's fashion, politics and women, women in business and profiles of popular and well known women. He has also tackled hot button issues such as politics and women, female sexuality and women's health care.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Article1,000+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Silencio has over a decade of experience providing blog posts for both personal and business client blogs. He provides concise, easily digestible content on any subject, no matter how niche or complex. He brings a voice along with his words, but can also match the voice of the particular blog he writes for. It's the client's choice.


Silencio brings over a decade of experience writing web copy and articles for small businesses, large businesses, and individual clients. His work appears on company websites, personal blogs, and various other places.

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