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Farhana is a college graduate of Fordham University where she earned her B.A degree in International and Humanitarian Studies. She is a versatile writer with 3+ years of experience producing various types of content such as blog posts, creative writing/ fiction, opinion-ed pieces, case study research papers, and grant proposals for nonprofit organizations.

In high school, Farhana was a writer for Youth Communication Teen magazine and featured in the NY Times Learning Network for her articles on cultural identity and female empowerment.

After publishing a 40 page thesis paper in her senior year of college, Farhana enrolled in a Writing and Online Communications Media course. Here, she explored content creation and writing across different platforms including Blogger, Wix, and Squarespace.

Due to her diverse interests in social impact and the nonprofit sector, Farhana has experience in technical forms of writing including grant proposals and crafting donor outreach letters for organizations. Farhana is also an accomplished young blogger; she has curated blog posts for various organizations and runs her own creative writing and book reviews blog during her spare time.
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Farhana became a published writer in short stories and creative non-fiction since high school. Over time, she has produced different types of writing including sustainable development news, investigative journalism, entertainment/ book reviews, social media content for fundraising campaigns, and grant proposals for nonprofits.

As a versatile writer, Farhana is able to cater her writing style to meet the unique objectives and tone that clients may be looking for in a piece of writing.


Farhana has diverse interests including, but not limited to, the following below:

Creative Writing
International Affairs and Development
Sustainable Development
Nonprofit/ NGO Sector
Children/ Youth
Journalism/ World News
Human Rights
Book/ Literature reviews
Art History
Global History


Fordham University

Farhana attended Fordham University in New York City.

She studied international development, humanitarian conflicts and crises, and started her own journalism blog about current events in Asia.

In her free time, Farhana also tutored underclassmen in English Composition, Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, and South Asian History.

Non Profit

12 Projects Completed

Farhana has written blog posts, grant proposals, and more for nonprofit organizations, particularly those in the sustainable and international development sectors.


10 Projects Completed

Farhana has written blog posts related to travel and tourism. Her experience makes her well prepared for preparing fun and educational content related to travel and tourism.

Blog Post

20 Projects Completed

Farhana has ample experiences as a blog writer. She has written blog posts for nonprofits, travel agencies, and guest posts on other blogs including food and entertainment.

Case Studies

14 Projects Completed

Throughout college, Farhana has synthesized research and written various case study research papers that provide great analyses into global issues affecting different communities and regions of the world.


6 Projects Completed

Farhana has written short-length articles for organizations to share on their social media platforms.


2 Projects Completed

Farhana has assisted in copy-editing and drafting grant proposals for nonprofits that she has worked with previously.

Product Description

0 Projects Completed

While Farhana does not have a background in sales and product selling, Farhana is interested in writing product reviews and exploring content writing in this area.

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