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Miles is an ambitious and detail-oriented content writer with over 5 years of experience and a flare for producing creative, on-brand work that is error-free and thoroughly researched. He has also studied copywriting and has a good grasp of the kinds of content that motivate an audience to read on and continue the conversation. Miles always gives his full effort to every assignment, and improves his skills and craft with each new article he writes.
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Castleton University

Miles C. studied at Castleton University in Castleton, VT for three semesters after receiving his Associate's Degree from Landmark College in Putney, VT in 2013. During his time at Castleton University, Miles attended several writing classes, including Shakespeare and History of Mass Media, and eventually earned his Bachelor's Degree in Communications (Digital Media) in 2015.

HubSpot Academy

Miles attended an online course for Content Marketing at HubSpot Academy in late October - early November 2020. He watched a series of instructional videos detailing the important terms and processes involved in content marketing. Miles also learned about the essential elements and frameworks of content marketing, and how to make connections with customers and prospects. Finally, after passing his final exam with the course, Miles was presented with a degree in Content Marketing from HubSpot Academy.

HubSpot Academy

In late March 2021, Miles attended an online course for inbound marketing at HubSpot Academy. He studied the subject intensely, and learned the ins and outs of creating friendly, customized, quality content to attract, engage and delight customers. He learned about the 'Jobs Theory', which simply states that people have jobs that they need to get done and they purchase products to do those jobs, so it's vitally important for companies to understand why customers buy certain products, and how one's own products will be of value to the customer.
Miles also learned that there's no one department of the company solely responsible for interacting with customers and making quality content; every department's input is valuable for creating meaningful, impactful content. The marketing team may be able to create meaningful content, but they also need the analytics team to check that said content is actually getting customers to invest in the company. Inbound marketing is a complex and multifaceted business practice, but it's well worth learning.
After completing the course and the final examination, Miles received a diploma in Inbound Marketing from HubSpot Academy.

HubSpot Academy

In late March 2021, Miles C. attended an online course in inbound marketing with HubSpot Academy. He learned the ins and outs of creating meaningful business content, such as the Attract, Engage and Delight stages of customer relationships, the Flywheel and Funnel Models and the Jobs Theory, which explains how customers buy products to help solve a certain problem. Miles studied each of the instructional videos in the course, and after passing the final exam, he was given a HubSpot diploma for Inbound Marketing.


3 Projects Completed

Miles C. has written three articles detailing the best practices of marketing, including content marketing, omnichannel marketing and the projected best practices of marketing in 2021. Each article gave a brief explanation of the concept that was to be discussed and broke the subject down into 3-5 main elements. From there, Miles used friendly and easy-to-follow language to guide readers through the process of mastering the subject, including mock hyperlinks to helpful resources and articles.


1 Projects Completed

Miles C. has written an article about the virtues of adopting pets from a shelter (as opposed to pet shops or dog breeders) and the responsibilities involved in caring for animals.
He also addresses several common questions that people might have, such as the animal's history, adoption fees and the animal's imperfect appearance, and why each of these concerns, while valid are not a high concern when adopting a pet.
Miles' article also makes note of several local shelters, their histories and features for readers to consider.

Blog Post

4 Projects Completed

Miles C. has written four blog articles, three of which regarded the best practices in modern marketing, while the fourth blog article explained the virtues of adopting animals from a shelter instead of buying them from pet shops.
In his marketing articles, Miles gave a brief overview of content marketing, omnichannel marketing and upcoming marketing practices in 2021, and suggested several ways in which readers could use each of these practices to their advantage. Meanwhile, in his pet adoption article, Miles explained the virtues of adopting animals from a shelter instead of buying them from pet shops and addressed several important responsibilities involved in pet care. He also featured several website links to local animal shelters, and briefly explained the history and features of each shelter.

Email Copy

4 Projects Completed

Miles C. has written four separate email listings (two based on real companies, two based on fictional companies), each featuring marketing emails that the companies would distribute to their customers and subscribers.
Each of the email sequences welcome the new customer to the company, explain the problems that their products and services will solve, and if necessary, bid a kind farewell to customers who have ceased communications with the company.

Landing Page

4 Projects Completed

Miles C. has written four landing pages (three based on real companies, one based on a fictional company) that would each be used as the homepage to a company's website.
The landing pages each feature catchy, casual language that empathizes with the reader and explains how the company's products and services can help to alleviate the readers' struggles.
The landing pages also feature testimonies from the companies' satisfied customers explaining how the company helped them to succeed, as well as several strategically-placed hyperlinks encouraging the reader to sign up with the company.

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