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Luke has his undergraduate degree in Finance & Investments. He has been the lead content director for several big brand automotive sites. His expertise is implementing strategies to build top tier rankings in Google for various clients by creating in-depth technical content utilized for website development and unique content management purposes to ultimately increase traffic rankings for several businesses.
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Luke's has written a multitude of different content for a variety of different reasons throughout his educational and professional career. His specialties are undoubtedly in website landing pages, banner ads, web page content, technical automotive articles, business articles, and CBD related topics.


Luke enjoys supplying unique content to multiple websites as a day job. When he's not writing up the latest and greatest article you can catch him snowboarding in the winter, toying with his Camaro, or strumming his Fender Stratocaster.


East Tennessee State Universtiy

Luke attended East Tennessee State University and completed his undergraduate degree with honors with his major in Corporate Finance & Investments with a minor in Digital Marketing.


30 Projects Completed

He is the content director for 3 different automotive websites currently and has written 30 or more in-depth, technical articles on numerous transmission codes, engine codes, performance vehicles, and even DIY repair articles. You name it, and he's probably written about it when it comes to automotive.


6 Projects Completed

He has written numerous international finance articles as well as a 40-page thesis on the business structure of Twitter. 4 years of writing college papers analyzing business trends is the extent of experience he has on this.

CBD Products

3 Projects Completed

2 years ago Luke has a major contract with a big CBD website to come in as the sole content director in charge of research and development of articles for the site.

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100 Projects Completed

Luke has been at the head of a Google Ads team for 2 different websites and has written hundreds of Google ad titles and descriptions of optimization of click through rates.


33 Projects Completed

Throughout his college and professional career, Luke has written several detailed financial analyses of multi-billion dollar companies spanning to lengths of 40 pages and up. In contrast, he has also been featured for lighter works and even a few comedic articles. He is well versed in politics and current events as well which is one of his specialties.

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28 Projects Completed

Luke has been the head content director for multiple websites in a variety of industries ranging from automotive, finance, investment portfolio, and all the way to travel. He has extensive experience writing web pages that are SEO keyword focused while retaining original and easy-to-read flow

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