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Joe has five years of content writing experience, having worked for companies based in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and India.

Joe has gained experience with writing any type of content for businesses such as blog posts, long-form content, reviews, buyer's guides, press releases, email, and much more.

Joe can type at 48 words per minute and the longest piece written for a client was over 6500 words in length.
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Joe can write about many different topics, with experience writing tech news articles and product descriptions for medical products mainly. He's comfortable with writing about almost any topic. Home and garden, travel, consumer goods, banking and finance, and other topics were common among his time with other agencies.

He is willing to learn new things, so he does not find new topics rather difficult, but appealing.

In addition to content writing, he is also a graphic designer, image researcher, scriptwriter, and video editor.


Joe is mostly interested in sports and entertainment, since they provide excitement and provide a suitable escape of reality.

Joe also has a fondness for art, and uses design programs recreationally to experience new styles and design new samples. Joe also uses video editing and logo design software recreationally.


Notre Dame College of Ohio

Joe has earned a double major in both graphic design and communications.


400 Projects Completed

For craft and home improvement topics, many consist of blog posts while others are buyer's guides that are 1500 words or more. Joe has also recently worked on updating product category pages for


201 Projects Completed

Joe currently write product descriptions for medical and surgical products — ranging from over-the-counter products to doctor's instruments. These writing pieces are less than 300 words and go on the manufacturer's site as well as Amazon's site.


150 Projects Completed

Joe has been hired by a popular website to write tech new stories, which lasted a number of months. The topics ranged from smartphones and apps to companies like Apple and Tesla. Joe also had limited experience in writing about technology prior to this opportunity.

Blog Post

2,502 Projects Completed

The bulk of his work comes in 500-600 word blog posts.

White Paper

400 Projects Completed

Joe can write long-form posts, wither it be buyers guides, reviews, tutorials, or other copy. While Joe often writes in a formal and professional tone, he can add personality at the client's request to liven up content such as for reviews and how-tos.

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