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David G is a graduate from Penn Foster University in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He finished his two-year enrollment with a degree in Architectural Home Designs. Aside from having a passion for designing homes, David G also carries a great deal of interest in writing, music, electronics and home interior designs, just to mention a few. He considers himself an expert when it comes to any of these categories and can provide excellent insight. David G has written over one thousand articles that are among many of the subjects he enjoys. His clients can easily range from three hundred to six hundred, which are always pleased with his work. David G is currently working as a freelance writer and is always looking for new work. Most of his work has also included posting for blogs, websites, biographies, product reviews and advertisements. Many clients will also find David G as an excellent source for all SEO writing purposes. However, most of his writings that he enjoys mostly would have to be about music. David G grew up playing a number of musical instruments, which includes guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano and harmonica. Although his favorite subject is music, this does not mean that the rest of his work comes second. He is always committed to give one hundred percent when it comes to his writing career. David G looks forward to keep writing professionally for many more of his clients, so he can maximize his writing abilities while capturing the interests of avid readers everywhere.


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David G grew up around many musicians in his family. Because of his surroundings, he was able to capture the skills that it takes to play musical instruments. Some of the instruments that he knows how to play are guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano and harmonica. He also has intricate knowledge of the inner workings of all these instruments.


David G has worked with electronics for over a decade. He has experience working with computers, TVs, DVD players, mobile electronics and amplifiers, just to mention a few. Because of this great experience, he is able to write about any subject that ranges among the electronics area. David G will certainly be able to deliver topnotch writing in no time.

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