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2 years as Staff Writer (Lifestyle) Nigerian Tide Newspaper.
When working at 'The Tide', as staff fondly referred to the paper, Tayo contributed to its lifestyle magazine columns. He wrote articles which mainly highlighted how Port Harcourt life and culture differed markedly from that to which he was more familiar, life in the Northern Nigeria town of Zaria.

18 years of Technical Documentation (software application support maintenance, support and help documents).
As a software developer, team leader, and even co-founder of a software development house, given his background in writing and natural facility for the English language, it naturally fell to him to write software documentation, technical documentation and support/help files whenever needed.

3 years to current; General Writer and Blogger.
He has a sprawling web presence which intertwines between several domains and websites. He regularly adds new material to these websites, everything from frothy tongue-in-cheek blog posts to serious educational material for English language students and articles to showcase some of my other business interests, such as software development and business management.
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With nearly two decades of software engineering under his belt, Tayo has written lots of technical documentation, reams of help files, and several articles on IT. For example:
"Software Abbreviations and Acronyms You Should Know". Tayo wrote this article to help IT recruitment agents who are, in the main, entirely clueless about the industry they purport to serve, often putting out adverts which are completely senseless from a developer's point of view, e.g. "We seek a web developer with expert Winforms or WPF." This makes little sense as neither Winforms nor WPF has anything to do with web development.
Tayo also wrote: "A Software Management Tutorial" for nascent software project managers who often transition into software management from other fields, bringing with them a host of practices and attitudes unsuited for managing software projects, such as expecting accuracy–and having far too much confidence–in the wild guestimates which software developers give to fend off the impertinent question, "When will you finish?" (Of course, the truthful answer is, "How the heck should I know?")


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As an English language tutor with his very own English language specialist website, Tayo regularly writes about peculiarities and pitfalls in the language. Two recent articles he has written in this vein are:
"Affect vs Effect". Lots of people confuse the two words because both can be nouns and verbs. It isn't as if one is always a verb and the other is always a noun which of course would make life a lot easier, "... but then again, wouldn't that make English a lot less fun," argues Tayo with his tongue firmly in his cheek.
"Names of Thrones–of Kings and Queens". In this article Tayo examines regnal names and numbers. Why is there a chance that Prince Charles will become King Arthur the Second? How come His Holiness the Pope is Francis, not 'Francis the First', even though he is the first-ever 'Pope Francis', and anyway, was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio. On top of all that; we've already had a King Francis the First of France...


10 Projects Completed

Tayo is naturally drawn to the weird and quirky, so it is hardly surprising that he often writes about the unusual (or the usual, but looked at from a peculiar vantage point). Articles he has written in this vein are:
"Random Shower Thoughts, Or Why Does Harry Potter Need Glasses?" In the article, Tayo explores why Hogwarts has yet to invent a spell to cure poor eyesight.
"Colour-blind Casting: When will Brad Pitt Star as Nelson Mandela?" In this article, Tayo examines the incoherent hypocrisy of colour-blind casting that today's 'woke' zeitgeist has thrust upon a feckless society unable or unwilling to defend itself.

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Tayo has written extensively on several subjects across many websites. His own website, for example, deals with wide-ranging topics such as public speaking, English grammar, defunding the BBC, gender wars in the West, and reincarnation. Tayo has the gift of being able to fit the tone of his writing to that required by the subject matter, so whether he is using formal, highly structured language to teach English language, or a semi-formal tone to discuss defunding the BBC, or a super-duper laid-back "... dude, what's your beef, man?" manner, he will deliver content perfectly pitched to suit the occasion.


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Tayo has written articles for a newspaper (The Nigerian Tide, based in Port Harcourt) various magazines, blogs, and even LinkedIn. He has covered diverse topics, from "An Administration of Fools", which hid a waspish attack on the military junta of General Sani Abacha behind a thin veneer of a literary enquiry into collective nouns, to a recent and more avuncular exploration of business networking, "How to do Business Networking in the UK".

Tayo takes pride in finding an interesting perspective even in the driest of subject matter, such as his take on then-emerging cloud services, "Cloudy, with a Chance of Rain", in which he thought-tested the robustness of a truly distributed cloud service to withstand the ravages of a nuclear war.

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