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Jason has written many essays during his University years (Sociology major and English minor), and has had several of his short stories published.

Since starting his time with Writer Access, he's successfully completed over 230 orders from a wide variety of clients. He's open to constructive criticism and will do what he can within his abilities to satisfy a client's requests.
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Jason specializes in creative, general, sports, fashion, instructional, home care, and academic writing. He can also edit upon request.


A huge interest of Jason's is upcoming technology. Think nano-machines, experimental orbital probes, or the latest schematics for a fusion reactor. Others include science fiction writing, gaming, and anime.

Outside of writing, Jason likes to do at-home workouts, get creative with simple cooking, head downtown to socialize with friends, play a bit of chess, attend family gatherings to play with big dogs, and watch informative YouTube videos.


Mount Royal University (MRU)

Sociology is the study of human society and its development. Jason's classes covered how human societies are affected by politics, natural disasters, racial prejudice, and so much more.

During his years at University, he also took several Creative Writing courses through an English Minor.


21 Projects Completed

Jason has written extensively about electric vehicles and their inner workings here on WriterAccess.


15 Projects Completed

Jason has written several blog posts pertaining to golfing and other golf-related areas.


15 Projects Completed

Jason has written several successful articles that deal with troubleshooting issues on Dell laptops, computers, and minor amounts of BIOS advice.


15 Projects Completed

Jason has written several informative articles regarding footwear such as cowboy boots.


15 Projects Completed

Jason has written several successful articles that deal with troubleshooting Dell laptops, desktops, and minor advice on BIOS.


10 Projects Completed

Jason has written successful articles featuring cleaning tips around the home, such as using steam mops for marble floors. Other examples include explaining the benefits of dehumidifiers, window AC units, portable heaters, and more!


7 Projects Completed

Jason has worked within the recreation industry as a lifeguard for over 12 years. Similar to medical, he has both the inside knowledge and Insight that goes on within recreation.

He has also written several articles about hiking and "scrambling," a cross between hiking and rock climbing.


5 Projects Completed

Jason has some experience writing articles regarding personal healthcare such as eating healthy foods, improving breathing quality within the home, and cleaning up after mold and mildew inside a house.


4 Projects Completed

Jason not only games quite a bit per week, but has also written several pieces of gaming lore for other's personal projects.


1 Projects Completed

Jason has worked within the medical industry for a few years, giving him inside insight and experience. He also likes researching new medical technologies and procedures both in theory and in practice.

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103 Projects Completed

Jason has completed several orders involving blog content for mineralogy.

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Jason has sent several emails to Canadian politicos and social media moguls highlighting the message that UBI Works stands for. "UBI" is an abbreviation for Universal Basic Income. One person who responded and followed the organization as a result of Jason's inquiry was Joe Ceci, also known as the Finance Minister for the Alberta NDP party:

Jason's initial email:
Good evening Mr. Ceci! I'm Jason, a volunteer for UBI Works.

I recently saw a clip of you supporting a Basic Income that all Canadians could benefit from. It would honour us to have an influential person such as yourself join our cause! If you have a Twitter or Facebook account (or any kind of social media!), it would be a great help for us and the country if you shared our pages with your followers!

Should you have any questions regarding our initiative, please feel free to shoot me an email!

- Kind Regards,

- Jason G

Response from his office:

Thank you, Jason.

I've shared this with MLA Ceci and we'll certainly add you and amplify your message.

Thanks again for connecting and we'll be in touch.

Best regards,


Constituency Assistant

Calgary-Buffalo Constituency Office

Office of MLA Joe Ceci

Official Opposition Municipal Affairs Critic

Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship member

Select Special Democratic Accountability Committee member

As a result, Mr. Ceci followed and shared UBI Works media content with his followers!

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