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Ian L. is one of the top-rated authors with a wide experience of over five years. Ian always exceeds customers' writing needs by providing high-quality, error-free, and thoroughly-researched content.
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Ian L. always delivers the right content according to instructions and the type of content the client wants. Some of the areas where Ian excels include copywriting, general writing, and technical writing.


Ian L. crafts precise articles free from fluffs and plagiarism. Through his experience, he has an interest in the areas such as blogging, website and landing page writing, technical writing(Finance, Marketing, Technology, and Engineering), and copywriting.


Bellevue University

In this program, Ian gained an in-depth understanding and education of the application of mathematics. He learned various methods and how to apply them through coursework and experience to any industry or field. Common focuses for applied mathematics include economics, engineering, or science. Ian also learned how to think analytically as well as solving problems.

Lowa Western Community College

The coursework delves into all of the different facets of the audio field, from sequencing and synthesis, mixing concepts and techniques and pro tools to Live Sound production. One gains the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to succeed in the audio industry.


546 Projects Completed

Having Audio Engineering skills, Ian L. understands the technical nature of engineering subjects, and he writes them to be easy to scan articles for everyone.


500 Projects Completed

E-commerce boosts sales, improves sites' Search Engine Optimizations, and updates information to customers. Ian L. knows the need to write better eCommerce content by focusing more on the benefits of services and products.


347 Projects Completed

Ian L. understands the entertainment concepts and their interrelationship. Having deep knowledge about entertainment, Ian narrates and produces well thought and researched entertainment articles suitable for children and adults.


1,291 Projects Completed

Ian L. provides engaging and easy to read content to his clients through giving every instruction proper attention and conducting thorough research from relevant sources.

Web Page

548 Projects Completed

Ian L. understands the sensitivity of website content to a targeted audience. Ian L. writes compelling digital content for web pages, including homepage, services page, about page as well as contacts page.

Data Sheet

54 Projects Completed

Ian L. can creatively combine figures, statistics, and other facts into a meaningful sheet. Ian knows the right and standard datasheet outline.


35 Projects Completed

Ian L. effectively outlines FAQs relevant to the topic being described through short and straightforward questions and answers.

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