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Courtney is experienced in writing content for online blogs and news websites. She is the Chief Content Writer at a Forex website as well as a blog writer on New York real estate. Her experience covers a wide range of finance, economics, business, real estate and travel articles. After graduating with a degree in history and economics, Courtney has spent several years traveling and writing articles for her many clients. She is currently pursuing an MBA degree.


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Summary of Industry Experience

Real Estate

As a writer for a New York real estate website, Courtney started her real estate writing career with a running start. She currently writes articles on apartments in the Big Apple as well as real estate articles for a Texas-based realty firm. In her free time, Courtney blogs about the real estate market.


Courtney currently writes for a leading Forex website. In addition to writing about the foreign exchange market, she regularly writes updates on the New York Stock Exchange and global business. She became interested in the subject of finance after studying it at university. After graduating with a degree in economics and history, she began to write articles about the subject.


Courtney spent two years working as an English teacher after she received her college degree. She used lesson plans and semester outlines to format many of the education articles she writes for clients. During her time as a teacher, she worked to create coursework and textbook material for her students.


After teaching abroad, Courtney began a pilgrimage across Europe. Following her tour of Europe, she backpacked through Southeast Asia and Latin America. Her time spent traveling has given her a remarkable insight into the travel industry. She has spent several years blogging about her experiences around the world and writes custom articles on vacationing hotspots.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Courtney has written blogs about relationships, finance and real estate topics. Currently, she is a writer for websites like HerInterest.com and similar relationship websites. She has also worked as the chief content writer for websites on topics like hypnosis and business. For some of these projects, she has also created ebooks and non-fiction works that are sold in conjunction with the blog posts.

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