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James H
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James H. worked as an electrician for the past fifteen years. Being fed up with constant unemployment, he developed a passion for freelance writing. James has written and submitted various articles on the net, and he learned the most effective methods of Search Engine Optimization.

James researched affiliate marketing, learned how to research a market for profitability, and how to best connect with an audience. James in not limited to topics of his own background. He does extensive research on the audience and intended message for any topic.

James is a goal oriented and deadline driven writer, and he understands the value of following directions. James set his goals high enough to make a writer cry, but aiming high is a critical step toward success. He knows exactly what causes writers to procrastinate, so he refuses to let that stand in the way. James believes that success is possible, but only when goals are set and acted upon. Without action, nothing is possible.

James H. executes a system of quality control that ensures quality content. He pays close attention to detail as each piece of content is created. James H. believes in submitting only the best content, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

James H. has a clear understanding of the client's requirements before beginning the content creation process. James appreciates the value of deadlines, and he is committed to creating quality content on time. James communicates with clients on a regular basis, and is more than happy to work with clients until their specific requirements are met.
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