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Dean B. has been writing professional for several years, since retiring from a 30 year career in the HVAC industry. Dean B. has written primarily home and garden articles, putting his extensive construction-industry experience to good use and working to help make difficult concepts understandable to Internet readers. Dean B. has perfected his knowledge of search engine optimization principles in his years of writing, and prides himself on writing SEO content that both improves search engine rankings and that provides readable and user-friendly content. Dean writes for blogs, marketing articles and other online publications on an as-needed basis.


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Dean B. has put his years of first-hand experience in the construction industry to use writing for numerous online publications. Dean B. writes blogs and marketing articles for individual air conditioning and heating repair companies, as well as writing for various content production sites. Dean B. writes on air conditioning, duct repair, heating and cooling, home maintenance and energy efficient homes, among other subjects.

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