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NIlani T. graduated with a BA in English and Psychology (as well as a BS in Biology) from Case Western Reserve University; thus, her background has provided her with a diverse set of skills that could be applied to any writing position.

Nilani successfully completed honors theses in both Psychology and Biology. She also completed a research project in a neuropsychology lab (supported by a fellowship from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute); the paper that she wrote on this research was part of her award-winning entry in the Michelson-Morley Research Competition in the Biological Sciences, as well as being published in Case Western's undergraduate research journal.

As an undergraduate, Nilani had multiple works of writing published, and she also won awards in diverse categories for her writing. Currently, she works as a writer and editor for her own business, Highlighted Lines Writing & Editing Services. She has provided editing services for various clients, and she has done many different types of writing as well. She is extremely detail-oriented and always makes sure that her spelling and grammar is immaculate before turning in work.
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Nilani has written about a variety of topics, both unfamiliar and familiar. She enjoys writing about unfamiliar topics because they give her an opportunity to learn new things. However, most of her writing has been done on animals and health/science-related topics.


Nilani enjoys learning new things through writing. She is particularly passionate about all topics that are related to health and the medical sciences, as well as pets (especially dogs).


Case Western Reserve University

Nilani graduated summa cum laude from Case Western Reserve University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English. She graduated with departmental honors in both Psychology and English.

Case Western Reserve University

Nilani graduated summa cum laude from Case Western Reserve University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She graduated with departmental honors after completing and defending an honors thesis.


51 Projects Completed

Nilani has written a multitude of articles on animals, particularly domesticated animals. These articles are aimed at pet owners; they provide helpful information that the owners can use to better take care of their pets. The vast majority of these articles have been written on dogs.


38 Projects Completed

Nilani has written many different articles on health-related topics. Some of these have been on natural health, while others have been on common medical and anatomical issues. She has a strong science background and uses her knowledge to write high-quality articles in this niche.

Self Help

5 Projects Completed

Nilani has written some articles on self-help, including how to take care of oneself in the context of a relationship or breakup. She has a deep interest in and passion for human psychology and helping people navigate their own psychology.


1,019 Projects Completed

Nilani has written articles on a huge variety of topics. The largest proportions of her articles have been on health/science niches and pet niches, but she has often written articles on other topics as well. Some of these topics include welding, life jacket sizing, and how to conduct oneself in a relationship.

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125 Projects Completed

Nilani has written a variety of blog posts for clients. She is able to adapt her writing style to the needs of any client.

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