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Bryan B has a Master's Degree in Latin and is currently a certified English and Latin teacher in Georgia. He has ghost written several hundred small articles, press releases, blog posts and other writing pieces from the poetry of E.A. Poe to garbage disposals and common household batteries. With such a diverse background and highly articulate nature, he is able to craft content at a level of engagement suitable for general audiences to the most pedantic of academia.
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Bryan has no real specialization as he can craft an article around any topic or concept. From home repair to the role of libertas in the fall of the Roman Republic, Bryan can write on almost anything.

Currently he blogs monthly content for several sites.


Bryan has a love of books, computers, hunting and fishing, reloading, writing and being a family man. While his interests may be somewhat esoteric, there are very few subjects he cannot craft an appropriately themed article for a customer. Because of his degree, he is skilled in research and synthesis of information. There are very few topics and subjects he cannot find something to talk about for 200+ words.


Troy University

Bryan earned a BA in English and Classical studies. He concentrated his English work in the Neo-Classical 18th century period and his Classical Studies work in Late-Republican/Early-Empire poetry.

Florida State University

Bryan took a master's degree in Latin from the Florida State University under the direction of Hans Mueller. He specialized in classical history as well as Latin literature of Ovid, Suetonius and Tacitus.


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An outdoor enthusiast all his life, Bryan has grown up with a rifle/shotgun/bow in one hand and a rod and reel/flyrod in the other. His fishing exploits have taken him from the shores of Florida's gulf to the lakes of Canada and all points in between.


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A high school Latin and English teacher for more than a decade, Bryan has written several test question banks for various projects and taught in online and virtual settings for the last five years. All aspects and fields of education are not an issue.


10 Projects Completed

Having grown up on a family farm and continuing his life in farm country, Bryan is familiar with rows of crops, annual produce and labor problems that are the constant issues in the community.

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Professional freelancer with many blogs in circulation and posted.

Currently working with small SEO company producing monthly blog content.

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