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Alex has written over 120 freelance articles on a wide variety of subjects. His expertise lies in music articles and finance articles. Alex has also written many reviews on tech products. He’s always keen on new topics to research and to strive for bettering his previous article work.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Alex has written many write ups of sporting events over the past year. With many of his articles dealing with the Bowl season of college football. Alex is a big sports fan and tries to keep up on all sports in one form or another. When dealing with any sports that he's not accustomed to, he'll research the facts and come away a fan of it.


Alex has written reviews on electronics ranging from cell phones to computer accessories to e-book readers. He takes his knowledge of the products and imparts it into his writing. When coming across new and interesting electronics on the market, he diligently researches until he has full understanding of the product and can write about it fully.


Alex has written many articles on the music industry covering concerts and musical trends. From writing about Lady Gaga's appearances to the recording industry at large, Alex has a wide range of knowledge in this field. Alex possesses a deep knowledge of music and musical history ranging from the current musical climate to classic bands from the 1960's.


Alex is well-versed in the financial field with many different articles written ranging from credit cards to banking terms to payday loans. The world of finance is a large and confusing world to most people. Alex always focuses on the greatest part of the equation, what does the reader take away from one of his articles?


Alex has written about dating and relationships and imparts some common sense into his articles. Almost everybody at one point or another has ventured out into the dating scene. Alex's writing draws on some universal truths when it comes to this subject and those truths are beneficial for all readers.


Alex has written ad copy for the accounting industry, bringing his ability to highlight a company's strengths and services to its' clients. Accounting holds a special place in Alex's heart as he is currently enrolled in University to eventually get his CPA license. He takes this zeal for this topic into any and all accounting topics that come his way.


Alex has written ad copy for restaurants showcasing his ability to help sell a product with descriptive language. Alex has a background in the restaurant business and has grown up around it most of his life. He imparts this experienced wisdom to his articles when writing about this topic at hand.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Alex has written ad copy for a couple of clients over the past 12 months. One client was in the restaurant industry, the other was in the accounting industry. Alex has taken his knowledge of advertising and knowing how to get a message across to their clientele into his work. He uses interesting descriptors and inventive hooks to get his point across through his writing.

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