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Gewel is an educated writer and a talented visual artist. Gewel graduated from the University of Texas in 2015. She works as a freelance tutor, writer, artist and educator. Gewel is proficient in many current software programs, such as Word, Excel, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
She is an expert ghost writer, specializing in product descriptions, advertisements, news articles, travel essays, and blog posts. Since Gewel loves to read, she knows how a good article should read. Her work ethic and skill make her the right choice for any task at hand. Gewel excels in maximizing search traffic flow to your website or blog by utilizing specific keywords and phrases in a coherent and natural fashion. Whether it be an academic task, copy-writing, or something more expressive and creative, Gewel delivers consistently fresh, exciting, and relevant material. With every project, she produces quality work in a timely fashion. Her writing is clear and unbiased, making the information she showcases accessible to everyone. No matter your topic, you will not regret commissioning Gewel K. to write for you.


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Gewel K's Entertainment Industry Experience

20 Projects Completed

Whether it be the carnival, a night club, or a festival, Gewel brings in the crowds with her enthusiastic and youthful perspective. Her descriptive writing about entertainment venues really transports the reader to the event, making fun a priority.

Industry Projects

  • Travel50+
  • Food20+
  • Education20+
  • Construction20+
  • Craft20+
  • Self Help20+
  • Entertainment20+
  • Agriculture10+
  • Appliance10+
  • Science6
  • Green Living5

Summary of Industry Experience


Gewel K. loves to travel. This love is clear in the many travel essays she's written. Gewel writes about travel destinations all over the world. Whether it is the next town over, or across the world, it matters not because she has real-life geographical and historical knowledge.


Gewel K. loves food. Whether it be fine dinning, a pizzeria, or a food product, Gewel makes the food she is writing about irresistible. Her goal is to write so well that she leaves the reader with a pleasant taste in their mouth and a strong desire to devour the product.


Gewel K. is a professional education writer. Gewel specializes in anything having to do with school and college. Whether it be a guide to finding the perfect university, or an actual educational instruction, she consistently produces clear and concise material.


Gewel K has the real-life experience that readers are looking for when they seek out construction information on the internet. From home building to antique refurbishing, Gewel knows how to do it and how to explain it. She can make construction information compelling and readable


Gewel K. is a highly skilled arts and craftsman, as well as a writer, making her more than suitable to write arts and crafts articles. Gewel K., is a brilliant craft writer, specializing in useful, descriptive step-by-step instructions, and 'helpful tips' articles.

Self Help

Gewel K. is a prolific self-help writer. She has a passion for psychology and has taken many college-level courses on human behavior. Gewel's deep understanding of human nature, modern psychology, and new-age spiritual teachings give her the tool she needs to help many readers overcome their issues, fears, .and biases.


Whether it be the carnival, a night club, or a festival, Gewel brings in the crowds with her enthusiastic and youthful perspective. Her descriptive writing about entertainment venues really transports the reader to the event, making fun a priority.


When it comes to the agricultural business, Gewel K. is your best choice for a writer. Not only has Gewel written many articles about the agricultural process, she is an active participant in volunteering her time at local community farms. She can write about agricultural processes as well as current issues surrounding farming and agri-business. She has up to date knowledge of biotech crops as well as an in-depth understanding of organic farming.


Gewel K.'s appliance descriptions are first rate. She showcases premium appliances of all types and purposes. From a fifteen dollar toaster to a thousand dollar vacuum cleaner, Gewel K. produces quality appliance ads and reviews, making your product irresistible to the reader.


When writing in the subject of science, Gewel K. uses formal language and reputable sources. Her dedication to verification and the scientific method is complete, because she understands that the essence of scientific writing is absolute veracity and reliability.

Green Living

Gewel K.'s goal when writing about green living is to persuade the reader that green living is the future. She does so by explaining the benefits of green living to the environment and to human health. She uses trusted resources and scientific evidence to back her claims.

Product Projects

  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience


Gewel K. is an experienced article writer, specializing in travel, news, science, self-help, and how-to articles. No matter the type of article, Gewel K. is professional and timely.

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