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Victoria has been writing on different topics for the last seven years. She's got impeccable grammar and amazing research skills. She enjoys writing and so does it to the very best of her ability. No topic is too foreign for her because Google is her closest partner so she digs until she finds the right words and then puts them together to create a masterpiece.
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Victoria is good at SEO, topic research, article revision, proofreading, and editing.


Victoria is interested in topics concerning the lifestyle genre, CBD and cannabinoids, manufacturing, and home improvement.


University of Nairobi

She studied Journalism and Mass Communication and acquired her first degree.


100 Projects Completed

Victoria has written about lifestyle topics for the last five years. It is easy for her to create copy on the lifestyle field because most topics are about things she has encountered in one way or another.

CBD Products

54 Projects Completed

Victoria has researched on and written great copy for a number of individuals who needed articles on CBD products. As this is a sensitive and versatile field, she finds it gives her great practice to write and she's been consistent in creating great content.


50 Projects Completed

She enjoys writing on different topics and doing research for them because in the field of CBD/Cannabis there is still so much to learn about, she finds it educative as well as refreshing to write on.


2 Projects Completed

She has researched on different topics for finance-based articles including mortgage services, financing, saving, and funding for college among others.


509 Projects Completed

She has written more articles than she can remember over the last seven years.

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141 Projects Completed

She has authored more than 100 blog posts on different topics.

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