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A writer and editor with 36 years of journalism experience. including working at the local, state and national levels, with an emphasis on deep research and clear writing. Developed a talent for making the complicated simple, the confusing clear. Also a quick study and a well-rounded writer and researcher with experience in many fields. Deadlines are no problem for this writer/editor, with proven success juggling more extensive, time-consuming projects with the more immediate demands. As a writer with experience as an editor, the key is focusing on the details and the technical aspects of fact-checking and reviewing for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Writing is the pursuit of the perfect draft and rarely settling for the first.
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Government, real estate, taxes, marketing, small business, education, national issues, politics, federal regulations, nonprofits, personal finance


Government, nonprofits, education, business, entertainment, personal finance, investing, politics, law, research, health care


Louisiana State University

Attended from 1981 to 1986, and graduated with a BA in Journalism and a minor in political science.


1,004 Projects Completed

A journalist with extensive experience covering local, state and national education issues. A thorough understanding of how the local, state and federal governments interact in education and how mandates from various level can impact classrooms. In addition to expertise in budgeting and finance, an appreciation for what goes on inside a classroom, what teachers face, what students experience and what parents expect.


1,000 Projects Completed

Experience researching, writing and editing content about politics at numerous levels, mostly as a journalist in local, state and national markets.


1,000 Projects Completed

Extensive experience as a journalist covering local, state and national government issues, with an understanding of the operation of government at all levels. Expertise in government finance, budgeting, policy making, regulation, oversight and administration, and experience in executive and legislative operations.

Real Estate

241 Projects Completed

Experience researching and writing about real estate, specifically the residential real estate industry, market trends in existing homes and new construction segments; the process of valuation, appraisal and assessment of real estate, including undeveloped property.


169 Projects Completed

Experience covering small business, real estate and issues related to larger businesses and industries, including real estate, oil and gas, tourism, media, affordable housing, mobile homes, retail and law. Focusing on business from the consumer perspective and from the perspective of business leaders and owners.


64 Projects Completed

Experience writing and researching the auto industry from the consumer and the business perspective, and researching issues related to the auto industry in both the new and used auto markets.

Non Profit

48 Projects Completed

Experience in researching and writing about nonprofit administration, regulation, tax compliance, finances and mission advancement at state and national levels. Also an appreciation for struggles facing nonprofits and the purposes they serve.


36 Projects Completed

Experience as a journalist writing about the construction industry, with an emphasis on new residential and commercial construction and development. Researching and writing about public sector construction, with an emphasis on project development, bids, financing and project management.


35 Projects Completed

Experience researching and writing about the legal industry, including researching lawyers on issues of compliance and complaints. In addition, experience in researching various areas of law and court cases, and discussing legal matters with lawyers.


29 Projects Completed

Experience writing about issues related to children and families, including health, education, separation, divorce, legal matters, counseling, family separation, family preservation and juvenile justice.


26 Projects Completed

Experience writing about personal finance and investing. This is also an area of personal interest, including borrowing, consumer debt, home buying, saving and personal investing.


20 Projects Completed

Experience writing about medical issues, specifically hospital administration, medical research, medical education and health care policy at the local, state and national levels; ACA coverage, Medicaid, elder care and nursing home industry.


15 Projects Completed

Experience covering the regulation and business of gambling, from the local and state levels.


12 Projects Completed

Experience researching and writing about appliances, including the evaluation of household appliances from a consumer perspective.


12 Projects Completed

Experience writing about state regulatory efforts and government oversight of the cannabis industry, and writing about the retail side of the business.


1,821 Projects Completed

More than 35 years experience as a journalist, including roles as a writer, researcher and editor of content for general audiences at the local, state and national levels, and targeted audiences in specific industries.


366 Projects Completed

As an experienced journalist, the emphasis has always been on the interview and research needed for biographies and profiles. Those have included subjects in the political, feature, business, education and inspirational fields.

Blog Post

360 Projects Completed

Experience creating digital posts for news organizations, either as summaries of content from other formats or as original content.

Newsletter Content

51 Projects Completed

Eager to meet the needs of client by developing content for newsletters exploring their desired subjects. An experienced journalist, writer and editor who understands what content is needed and how to produce it in a clear, concise and compelling manner.

Sponsored Content

12 Projects Completed

Offering experience editing and developing sponsored content for clients seeking to promote services or offerings through content. These typically are produced with interviews of subjects and some research that can help inform the content.

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