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After a brief stint as a reporter for her city newspaper in 2006, Tracii began her freelance career in earnest, contributing simultaneously to an online music publication (Groundlift Magazine) and health website (Wellsphere). From there, she went on to work for Remilon, LLC--an SEO company that produces education articles--for a little over 2 years. She is currently employed by Demand Media Studios, producing articles that appear on LiveStrong.com, eHow, TypeF (Tyra Banks Beauty and Fashion) and Answerbag.

In her professional writing career, Tracii has covered a variety of topics, many of which fall under the 'health and wellness' category. Much of Tracii's writing experience is in the field of psychology and includes informational articles on Autism Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction and Recovery, Substance Abuse and Psychopharmacology to name a few.

Tracii also has professional experience covering a number of alternative health topics, such as Herbal Supplements, Environmental Illness, Nutrient Deficiencies, Toxins in the Diet and Autoimmune Disease.

Self-help and personal empowerment are another area in which Tracii excels. From Relaxation and Stress Management to Assertiveness Techniques and Interpersonal Communication, she continues to expand on her personal knowledge in this area while contributing unique pieces on these topics.

Tracii's work experience spans the spectrum from authoritative/informational articles to conversational pieces like blogs and editorials. She is skilled in self-editing and prides herself on her ability to spot spelling and grammatical errors quickly in any style of work.


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  • Health500+
  • Education500+
  • Career100+
  • Fashion100+
  • Music50+
  • Medical20+

Summary of Industry Experience


LiveStrong.com: Articles covering mental health, alternative medicine, nutrition, fitness and self-help subjects. Online research, in-text referencing, keyword usage and link text involved. Informative/authoritative voice.

Wellsphere.com: Articles on alternative health and fitness topics. Provided informational pieces for the company's Beta site in 2007. Responded to feedback and posted daily questions to encourage community participation.


Bisk Education: Writing informational articles covering many aspects of different careers, such as educational requirements and annual wages. SEO work and online research required.

Remilon, LLC: Writing informative articles for leading adult education websites including Degree Directory, Education Portal and Diploma Guide. Online research, Wiki formatting and SEO work required.


Wrote career-related articles for career information websites, including Ask The Professor and DegreeDirectory.com. Articles followed strict SEO guidelines and required in-depth statistical research using sites like The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov) and PayScale.com. Used Wiki format for all work.

2 years' experience and numerous articles completed.


TypeF: Ongoing paid assignments on topics like skin care, hair styles, clothing and accessories for Tyra Banks' website, TypeF.com. Articles were informational in nature with a conversational tone.

Sazze.com: Product reviews and polls covering a variety of beauty and fashion items including cosmetics, personal hygiene products and women's clothing and accessories.


Album reviews, artist interviews, and special feature articles for the Chicago-based online music publication, Groundlift Magazine (www.groundliftmag.com). (Genres included downtempo, jazz, R & B and hip hop).

Submitted album reviews and artist polls on Sazze.com. Authored a personal blog focused on Top 40 "pop" music and current events in the music industry.


Original articles about health conditions, conventional and alternative treatments, nutrition, disease, and medical technology for leading health websites LiveStrong.com and Wellsphere.com. Articles required independent research and citing of reliable medical sources, such as medical journals and studies.

Submitted consumer reviews on various health-related items for Sazze.com, such as over-the-counter medications, thermometers, nutritional and herbal supplements.

Product Projects

  • Article20+
  • Blog Post9

Summary of Product Experience


The majority of Tracii's writing experience is in the form of articles for informational websites and publications. She has produced articles for a variety of well-known companies, including Remilon, Demand Media and Wellsphere among others.

Blog Post

Over the course of Tracii's career, blogging has served as both a personal hobby and professional gig. She currently runs her own blog and has contributed original pieces to a few others, including The Fresh Scent.com and Trazzler.

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