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Lynnette earned her Bachelor's Degree in English from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. She has created hundreds of articles, blog posts and other website content for a variety of clients, and she is active with social media. In addition to writing for clients, Lynnette maintains a personal blog discussing self improvement topics which include personal finance, environmental awareness and health issues. She enjoys challenges and embarks on a personal challenge every month to help her make life the best it can be.

Lynnette is an expert in property and casualty insurance, and has held a professional agent's license since 2003. She has professional knowledge of automobile, home and umbrella insurance policies, as well as detailed consumer knowledge of health and life insurance policies. She knows that every policy needs to be accurate and complete to meet both the company's and the customers' needs!

As a researcher, Lynnette is constantly poring over information to learn as much as she can about any subject that catches her interest. As a writer, it is her goal to create content that impacts her readers in a positive way and makes them want to know more about the subject. As a provider of writing services, she strives to maintain the highest level of professionalism and leave every client satisfied with the end result. She works with her clients to make sure they get what they ask for and would use her again to keep their readers intrigued and coming back time and time again!
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Lynnette holds a professional insurance agent's license and was a practicing property and casualty insurance agent for five years before turning her passion for writing into a full-time career in 2009. She now specializes in how-to articles, SEO content articles and other website content.


In her spare time Lynnette enjoys reading survival fiction, homeschooling her two children, gardening and completing any home projects she can get her hands on.


Iowa State University

Lynnette earned a Bacheor of Science degree in English from Iowa State University.


50 Projects Completed

Lynnette W. has written many how-to craft articles for successful product websites and private clients. She has also appeared as a guest blogger on several sites devoted to crafting. She pulls from her experience as a mother of two children to create craft projects for the entire family.


34 Projects Completed

Lynnette has written insurance content drawing from her years of experience as a licensed property and casualty insurance agent. Her articles have included topics such as how to lower your insurance deductible, coverage explanations, insurance discounts and more. She is an expert in automobile insurance, property insurance and umbrella policies.

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107 Projects Completed

Lynnette has appeared as a guest blogger on several sites for customers and friends, and has ghostwritten many blog posts for confidential clients. She also maintains a personal blog that challenges both herself and her readers to achieve financial, health, charitable and other personal goals through a different themed challenge each month.

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