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Tess began her career as a freelance writer/editor/proofreader from her home office over 12 years ago. She has written short form and long form articles and blogs on numerous subjects, but generally concentrating on health, addiction and recovery, real estate, interior decor and how to get the most money out of a home on resale. She has also written about her two passions: art and travel.

Tess strives to write with clarity while still engaging her readers, no matter how complex the subject matter. One of her strong points is to take very complicated material and write it so that any layman will understand and gain something from the article.

She does extensive research when the topic calls for it and knows where to go to find the most authentic references for the subject under research.
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Tess specializes in taking complex information and putting it in written form so everyone can understand it. A further specialty is editing written material from non-native English speakers.


Tess's interests are art and antiques including spending time in art museums across this nation and around the world and getting to as many antique shows as she can wherever they are. As you may have guessed her other outstanding interest is travel - anywhere, any time.

She also loves to walk and play golf.


University of San Francisco

She studied organizational development, organizational behavior as a major and art history as a minor. She learned statistics, report writing, and how to manage change in an organization. She wrote a senior paper on job satisfaction, heavy with statistical analysis and for art history, she wrote an article on Diego Rivera, the Mexican muralist.

Real Estate

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Tess has written a variety of articles and blogs on real estate. She wrote about the many different types of Victorian architecture in Monterrey County, CA for a real estate broker there.

She has also written articles for a land developer in the southeastern states, covering topics of floor plans, home styles, interior decor and how to buy and sell homes at every stage of one's life.


15 Projects Completed

Tess wrote 6 2,000-word articles on the subject of pain management including ketamine infusions, nerve blocking and radiofrequency nerve ablation as well as dental malocclusion and several articles on the subject of addiction and recovery.

She also wrote long form articles on stem cell therapy and its uses as well as the science of DNA, breaking the complexities involved down so any layman could understand it.


10 Projects Completed

Tess wrote an article on the wonders of Ephesus and many other fascinating places that Turkey as to offer. She has also written articles on obscure locales such as Domenica and Bonaire.

Tess wrote articles for a Chinese travel agency on how their clients could visit important art museums and galleries in New York City and Los Angeles all in one day.


500 Projects Completed

Tess has over 12 years of experience as a freelance writer/editor/proofreader. She has written articles on numerous subjects for a variety of online clients. Most recently, she has narrowed her subject matter to addiction and recovery and home remodeling and decor as well as buying and selling homes.

Blog Post

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Tess built her own website using WordPress and maintained it for three years. She had to close it because it was too time consuming, but Tess enjoyed the building, design, blogging and the visitors' feedback.

The domain name was realcareerswithoutcollege.com to give you an idea of the subject matter. She has also blogged extensively on the subjects of home and garden and pain management.

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