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3.5 years P&L analysis of law firm areas of practice and billable parties;
7 years consumer loan and finance management
25 years design and installation of water and wastewater treatment focused on agricultural effluent; small town municipal water supplies; oil & gas produced water; chemical and biological weapon destruction; industrial effluent; and chemical resistant pathogen inactivation.
Current projects include identification and formulation of organic herbicide, fungicide, and bactericide - include joint inventor patent with Bayer Cropscience.
Past clients include Enel Power; Shell Oil; State of Colorado; U.S. Bureau of Reclamation; Reckitt Beneckiser, Petrofac,
State of Colorado Corrections Division
NOGSYS, AWS Engineering-Egypt/Colorado, Honeywell Exceed
Grimm Fuel, JVP Greenhouses, Aries Chemical, Iowa Hog Growers Assoc., University of Guelph, Petroleum Mgmt Inc.
SVZ-USA, BioFrac Inc., Filter Technologies Inc, Nalco
Texas A&M Mariculture Dept., Univ. of Notre Dame, Bell State University, City of Tryon, GA, National Gypsum
Greenstar Products, Fountain Quail, Cargill
City of Yamhill Municipal Wastewater Plant
KGS Group (China)
Pureflow Ltd (Singapore)
Color Spot (Texas), Range Fuels, City of Flomont, TX
Regenisis Geothermal, Tank Temp Control
Eco Tech Environmental Systems, Oregon Wasabi
Bayer Crop Science, SOCOM
State of Florida SW Water Management, Novozyme
Green Living
Green Products
Case Studies


Identification of active ingredient and formulation for organic antimicrobial (bactericides); fungicides, and herbicides.
Enhanced electrolytic oxidation technologies and process design for inactivation of water-borne pathogens, recalcitrant chemical compounds, and medical therapies specific to epidermal infections and other diseases.

Patent writing; patent review; litigation risk analysis.
Comparative studies analysis and forensic review.


a. Development of nextgen warfighter (infantry) weapons - specifically novel adjustable ammunition and electronic firing controls;
b. Municipal water and wastewater treatment failure - chemical pollutants of concern and how to remedy their removal due to failure of current treatment regimes.
c. Organic pesticides and herbicide development - cleaner agricultural food production systems and assurances of non-pathogen and chemical pollutants in food.


4 Projects Completed

1. Enzyme-based organic formula as a general insecticide.
2. Enzyme-based organic herbicide (broadleaf) formula- beta with specific nuisance species plot and container tests.
3. Medical therapy for reduction and/or elimination of epidermal (skin) fungal infections; psoriasis-based lesions and rash; staph infections; and improvement of oxygen uptake via capillary infusion via high oxygen-laden water.
4. Enzyme-based formulation and field studies for control of fungal pathogens for turf, vegetable, fruit, and ornamental crops.

Green Products

4 Projects Completed

1. Organic antibacterial/antifungal fruit and vegetable wash to stop microbial rot and improve storage longevity.
2. Organic topical solution for inactivation of bacterial and fungal pathogens on hard surfaces and textiles (commercial and consumer fogging and mist application product);
3. Organic topical broadleaf herbicide (general weed killer);
4. Organic broad range insecticide for ornamentals; indoors; and food crops.


3 Projects Completed

a. Demonstration for Colorado State Dept. of Environmental Quality and SW Region USEPA on reduction of nutrients and pathogens in dairy cow effluent lagoons to meet USEPA Clean Water Act and Single Crop/Single Season uptake regulations using novel electrolytic oxidation process (patented).
b. Demonstration of enhanced electrolytic oxidation process - oxyradicals with and without hydrolase enzymes to kill fungal pathogens in plant irrigation water.
c. Demonstration of increased production ability of intensive freshwater RAS (closed-loop recirculation aquaculture systems) with beneficial disease control using enhanced electrolytic oxidation technologies.


1 Projects Completed

Design and proof-of-concept for rapidly deployable chemical and biological weapon destruction for Dept. of Defense.

Green Living

1 Projects Completed

Development of organic insecticide for indoor use - demonstrated inactivation of ants, spiders, fleas, flea eggs, flies, wasps, and other insects that utilizes a hypoallergenic, safe for infant and animal exposure insecticide that leaves no residual.


1 Projects Completed

a. Formulation of organic additive to reduce plaque build-up and periodontal disease - organic mouth rinse.

Case Studies

8 Projects Completed

Case Studies: includes case studies performed for or in cooperation with USDA-ARS, Shell Oil, British Petroleum, State of Colorado, University of Guelph/Canada Dept. of the Environment; Bayer Cropscience; Filter Technologies, among others.
Cases included:
a. Oxyradical and hydrolase enzyme inactivation of plant fungal pathogens.
b. Field trials for reduction of free and dissolved oil and BTEX in produced water from North Sea oil and gas production platforms to exceed IMO discharge reduction levels.
c. Nutrient and pathogen reduction ho slurry pit and dairy manure-bearing lagoons to meet single crop/single season uptake requirements under EPA regulations.
d. Modular, rapid deploy-able acid mine drainage treatment systems requiring no chemical additives or pH adjustments;
e. Determination of organic insecticide formulation and performance of beta and greenhouse tests and demonstrations of efficacy.

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