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Kiel C
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Kiel graduated in 2005 with a B.S. in Information Science and Technology. In school he took a variety of classes outside of his program requirements in order to feed his interest in a large number of topics. These classes included literature, political science, music, and legal classes.

Immediately following graduation, Kiel began working as a web application developer for a top-50 Internet retail website. He specialized in content management using proprietary software and administration tools, serving as administrator to over 150 content contributors.

Working as a developer, Kiel has maintained a small number of blogs to discuss his progress professionally as well as his side-projects in music. His work on his own personal blogs led to requests from others to design and help write for blogs of their own. He thoroughly enjoyed this work and maintains his interest in it to this day.

Kiel is an avid fan of Wordpress, and uses it extensively for his own personal websites and blogs. He enjoys staying up-to-date on the latest Wordpress plugins and updates. Though he enjoys other content management systems, Wordpress is his preferred CMS application.

In 2010, Kiel left his official work in the technology world to serve in the United States Army. Although his full-time occupation changed, he continued to freelance as a developer.

Having spent time at multiple military posts and in Afghanistan, Kiel is excited to have returned to the world of technology and now works as C# developer for a healthcare software start-up. He views technology and writing as two of his primary passions in life, and would like to combine them into a profitable profession. He believes he can be an effective writer and gain valuable experience by writing on a number of subjects for a variety of customers.
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Kiel has a wide variety of interests, and strives to specialize in each one. He has spent the majority of his life working on and playing with all types of electronic devices and software. He is especially well versed in Java, C#, web technologies, and CMS systems such as Wordpress and Drupal. He closely follows and has written about a variety of sports and teams. He considers himself a jack of many trades, and a master of some!


Kiel loves all things technology. His passion for software, hardware, mobile devices, and the on-line world in general enables him to connect with a multitude of people. He takes pride in being able to explain technical subjects to both the professional and the layman.

In addition to technology, Kiel is a sports fanatic. He follows professional and college football very closely, as well as professional baseball. He follows several other sports on a more superficial level.


Chadron State College

Kiel C graduated in 2005 with a B.S. in Information Science and Technology and minor in Criminal Justice. In school he took a variety of classes outside of his program requirements in order to feed his interest in a large number of topics. These classes included literature, political science, music, and legal classes. He graduated with an overall 3.4 GPA.


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Kiel C began blogging about his favorite NFL team while he was in college. He submitted a few articles to major blogs and news sources for that team, and soon received offers for paid content. Kiel thoroughly enjoyed this experience and hopes to replicate it.


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Kiel has spent most of his professional life working in the software development industry. He has a full understanding of the product development cycle, development enviroments, and a number of programming languages. He also has experience in quality assurance and software testing.


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Kiel has worked with wide variety of consumer electronic hardware and devices. Ranging from computer hardware trouble-shooting, to mobile device software development, to circuit-board repair and modifications, Kiel has been involved in a wide variety of experiences. His broad understanding lends to his ability to learn new technologies and adapt to the ever-changing world of electronics.


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Kiel C has always enjoyed making music, and blogged his own experience of recording an album. His blog was noticed by a small recording group who asked him to develop, deploy, and maintain their recording blog for them. He worked closely with them for over a year, maintaining and writing content, until he needed to divert his attention back to other projects.

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Kiel has contributed to a large number of personal and professional blogs. Topics have ranged from technology, to music, to sports, to consumer electronics. While some of the work has been full-time, Kiel often contributes on a part-time basis. Kiel loves to write about the things he is passionate about, and that covers a large number of topics.

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20 Projects Completed

Kiel has worked as a full-time employee, a contractor, and as a consultant on all types of web pages and web sites. These projects range from a two billion dollar a year internet retailer to a simple web page for a local construction business. His responsibilities have ranged from simple upkeep to primary content creator and contributor.

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