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Her work has been read on CNN, Yahoo, Examiner, The Inquisitr, and SZ Mag, the only international print magazine dedicated to schizophrenia. Her enterprise reporting covers active shootings, celebrity stories, and high profile trials including Jian Ghomeshi, Jodi Arias, Ross Harris, and Oscar Pistorius.

Christine's work has been mentioned in the proceedings of many of these trials, including the change of venue motion for the Ross Harris trial which resulted in a felony murder conviction. She also extensively covered the 2016 American election, and the multitudes of justice reports that followed. Her work now uses this trial and legal experience to emphasize a special interest in foreign policy and world news.

Her online content production includes article marketing, blogging, ebook writing, press releases, social media management, online reputation management, native advertising, and website content creation. She is familiar with all social media platforms, and scour them daily for sources, information, and facts to bring to her readers.


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Covered Impeachment hearings and trials, Election 2016, Election 2020, Supreme Court hearings for both Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. I have had established bylines in politics since 2015. I am also knowledgeable of my legal responsibilities to network with sources and handle their sensitive information ethically and legally, putting their priorities and needs first above all else.


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I can write on a range of topics from CBD and its uses to political health care issues facing your readers. My education rises to Master’s in Education for the biological sciences and was obtained in New York in preparation for teaching biology at the middle and high school level.


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Christine has written about cybersecurity topics for both the public and private sectors with much of that research and work occurring in the last five years. Topics that she has covered include ransomware, shadow IT, legal and illegal surveillance methods and data collection in North America, Solar Wind, and government objectives such as the United States sanctions against countries such as Russia and China.

Also for the private sector Christine enjoys producing digital news, marketing, or blog copy for companies looking to improve cybersecurity efforts and prevent attacks.


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During the course of her work covering trials, politics, and cybersecurity, Christine has had the opportunity to learn more about the cryptocurrencies industry. She has enjoyed understanding how various cryptocurrencies and their exchanges operate. As this field continues to grow, Christine continues to read and perform research on the impacts the world of cryptocurrencies have on both local and global economies.


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The number of projects completed here reflects the average number of articles I do annually. I am always writing, and write at least 2 short form articles a day, or 1 long one, etc. Writing is not what I do it is who I am. I am always writing, and have been succeeding full-time at this in the digital market since 2007. Article writing is my wheelhouse, but I can write about anything, in any forum, that you wish.

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