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Shaun J. possesses a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. He has created hundreds of works ranging from articles on technology to investment pieces. The purpose of these works range from corporate blogs to SEO articles. He is highly familiar with the principles behind strong SEO writing, and at the same time he understands how to write works that will engage an audience.

Shaun has a large pool of knowledge to work from. Having majored in business while in college, he is also proficient in writing about subjects such as management, finance and marketing. In addition to this, he has several other passions: His personal fascination is technology, and he has worked in the wireless industry. Shaun is always purchasing and discussing the latest gadgets and has extensive experience writing technology reviews and previews, as well as observation pieces about different parts of the technology industry. He also spent a year of his life losing more than 100 pounds, becoming a health nut along the way. Thanks to this, physical fitness and nutrition are subjects that he is intimately familiar with.

Shaun's goal as a professional writer is to craft the best content his clients can ask for. He prides himself on his fast turnaround times and says that his favorite thing about being a writer is getting to work with different clients every day and figure out how to best meet their needs. He enjoys having the opportunity to meet the needs of his clients while simultaneously writing works that keep readers engaged.


Shaun spends most of his free time learning more about fitness and trying to improve his overall health. He's shed more than 100 pounds, and along the way he developed a passion for the subject. He is a strong supporter and can frequently be spotted in the stands at Indiana Pacers games. When he's not in the gym or at basketball games, he loves training and playing with his Border Collie.


Ball State University

Areas of focus within the business program included marketing, economics, finance and management. Other subjects, such as risk management and human resources, were also studied.

An array of general-studies courses were also taken outside of the business program. The topics in these classes covered almost every part of the educational spectrum, whether it was computer science or music history.


250 Projects Completed

Shaun has written hundreds of pieces focusing on electronics. The majority of his expertise comes in writing about smartphones and tablets, including reviews, previews and general overviews. Other projects he has written about electronics include laptop and television reviews. He has also covered different consumer electronics trade shows, such as CES.


50 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

With a degree in business and numerous finance course under his belt, Shaun is a highly knowledgeable author on the subject. His writings in finance have dealt with everything from what the best-performing ETFs are to overviews of different investment strategies. He enjoys writing about the latest trends in the financial sector, as well as the news that comes out regarding it.


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