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Kevin B has 3+ years of experience in web content creation, freelance blogging, nonfiction book ghostwriting, and fiction book ghostwriting. He has attended several writing workshops and published a creative nonfiction piece while attending college. Kevin is writing to inspire and support those struggling with motivation, productivity, addiction, self-doubt, and bad habits.
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Kevin B specializes in writing workbook-style eBooks and long-form content. Before writing, Kevin draws upon personal experience when creating content. He knows what questions readers have and what problems they're facing. He is ready and eager to put himself in the reader's situation, delivering content to clients who aim to help others.


Kevin B is interested in helping people who have gone down the wrong path in life. This is why he's gotten into freelance blogging; to write for businesses and companies who want to inspire and motivate others. Kevin's interests are all about writing. When not writing, he knows that something's not quite right.

Kevin enjoys solitude and a good book, and he's interested in mental health reform and personal development. His work reflects these interests and he is eager to keep learning.


Southern New Hampshire University

Kevin is studying Creative Writing and submitting discussion posts and research papers demonstrating critical thought. He has completed both general education and creative writing-related courses. Kevin is also building a career as a freelance writer so that he has the funds to continue his education.

Self Help

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Kevin draws on personal experience, research, and creative ideas to write motivational and inspirational content. He has written articles, blog posts, and eBooks in the self-help niche, all centered on topics such as inspiration, productivity, and overcoming negative thoughts. Kevin intends to dedicate much of his career crafting content that is not only SEO-friendly, but also valuable and rewarding to the reader.


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Kevin's personal experience with daydreaming inspired him to write an article on the power of daydreaming for adults. In this article, which he submitted to Psychology Today, Kevin outlined the benefits and risks associated with daydreaming. He later published the 2,000 word article online on a website called


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A client provided Kevin with the topic, "Building Motivation and Confidence During Adolescence". Kevin then conducted research and drew on personal experience to create a 25-page workbook on the subject. The project gave him the opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking for the reader's benefit.

The completed book was formatted for Kindle readers and contained helpful information as well as a workbook section for the reader to draw more value from the work. Kevin also created an eBook cover for the client and received a 5-star review.

Kevin has also ghostwritten several fiction eBooks ranging from 15,000 to 40,000 words. These stories were filled with excitement, conflict, and characters that readers would enjoy reading about. For all eBooks, Kevin edits and proofreads the work prior to submission.

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