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Richard F
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Richard F. earned his Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature from Central Michigan University. Over the last 5 years, Richard has written for dozens of web sites on a freelance basis. He has published blog posts, SEO articles, and sharable content all over the web. As a professional web writer, Richard has innate knowledge of keyword density, call to action, and eye catching phrases.

Richard brings an eclectic yet invaluable skill set to his writing profession. He has an ability to quickly research a subject and properly articulate blog posts, SEO articles, and web pages with accurate and up-to-date information. His abilities are not limited to research, either, as he prides himself on the ability to think critically and disseminate important facts and statistics to his audience.

He enjoys reading Science Fiction novels and traveling in his spare time.
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Richard enjoys reading literature, especially mythology, fantasy and science fiction. He is also a gamer and follows American politics.


Central Michigan University

Richard pursued a degree in English while freelancing online, expanding his knowledge of internet marketing and SEO writing.


175 Projects Completed

Richard has traveled to 48 states, over a dozen countries, and he has written about it all. Whether writing about escapes to winter destinations, or to hot sandy beaches on a tropical coast, Richard's love for new cultures and climates shine through in his writing. Richard is able to articulate a vacation experience from all aspects of the traveler, whether it be a family vacation, romantic getaway, or spontaneous adventure.


151 Projects Completed

Richard is a gamer, starting from the old school games like Starcraft, Red Alert and Diablo, all the way to the newer generational gaming like league of legends, Defense of the Ancients, and World of Warcraft. Richard enjoys sharing his hobby with the gaming community, having written reviews and how-to articles for a variety of games and platforms.


112 Projects Completed

Richard was born and raised in The Motor City, a.k.a. D-Town, a.k.a. the D, a.k.a. Detroit, Michigan.

Richard is a homer and he is not afraid to let it show. One cannot grow up in the auto capital of the world without gaining an innate knowledge of all things auto. This includes business trends with the auto industry, especially the Big Three, but also marketing campaigns and new models.

Richard's heart will always have a special place for his home town, and he loves help his customers write about the industry that he was raised to adore and appreciate.

Search Marketing

103 Projects Completed

Richard is a web developer and SEO content writer because it is what he knows and what he is good at.

Richard stays on top of the latest news in the search marketing industry not only because it is his passion, but how he pays the bills.


64 Projects Completed

Richard is a fitness enthusiast who has spent a lot of time in the gym. Whether you are looking for an article on nutrition, hot to shed a few pounds before beach season, or how to gain muscle, Richard can write an informative and conversational article that will engage and motivate your audience.

Richard is well versed in basic sports knowledge as well, having played, football (soccer), hockey, and track at the high school level, and American football at the college level.


59 Projects Completed

Richard is a foodie. He has traveled around the world and has sampled fine wines from France, Tapas in Spain, Swiss Chocolate and hotdogs! A part of his philosophy is "eat well, live well." Richard has written about cuisines from around the world, as well as preparation of traditional dishes.

High Tech

58 Projects Completed

Richard adores technology. His personal motto is, "the greatest difference between science fiction and history is the order of occurrence."

In a nutshell Richard stays on top of the latest technology trends, whether it be the development of virus-fighting nanobots, augmented reality items like Google Glass, or the latest in video game Leap Motion technology.


42 Projects Completed

Richard is a fitness enthusiast, and as such keeps up his fitness with a regular routine. He has written over thirty articles outlining how to burn fat, gain muscle, and live a healthier lifestyle. Richard has written for fitness blogs and web sites for over 2 years, having sampled a variety of supplements and fitness equipment.


362 Projects Completed

Richard has written articles for numerous web content companies. His experience with the strict and diverse stylistic standards of these various companies gives him an edge over other writers. Richard values a prompt, well written writing service to his clients, free from grammatical errors.

Blog Post

208 Projects Completed

Richard knows that blog posts are all about connecting you with your audience. Whether your goal is sell a product or bring news to your customers, you need to have content that is rich in content and keywords. Richard specializes in writing engaging content that is easily sharable across social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Web Page

106 Projects Completed

Richard has a way with words that is both descriptive and stunningly accurate. He can articulate words to intricately explain a product or service to an audience. Whether you customers are looking for a succulent chocolate mousse, or the latest news on clean coal Carbon Capture technology, Richard can get it done.

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