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Summer studied Nursing, Nutrition, and Business Administration in college for four years. She continued studying various health niches after college, including obstetrics, gynecology, supplements, physical and mental health disorders, aging, and more. Summer has completed coursework in various specialties from education providers like Stanford University, Glenville State College, and Shepherd University.

In addition to her extensive health studies, Summer is a former ISSA-certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, CTTA-accredited Sports Psychology Therapist, and she holds a Diploma in Human Nutrition. She is currently studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a focus on the impact of psychology on marketing at Ashworth.

Writing health articles professionally for the web since 2003, Summer is the Director of Content for one of the most trafficked diet and weight-loss websites,, and Director of Content for a new marketing company, She recently completed work on a year-long digital marketing course to be released in late 2021.

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Health, wellness, nutrition, supplements, disorders, diseases, digital marketing, and more.


Research, health, wellness, natural medicine, homeopathy, alternative medicine, and science.


Shepherd University

After being accepted to Shepherd University School of Nursing, Summer transferred to the college and picked up a minor in Business Administration with the intent of eventually progressing to a Nurse Practitioner. After two years at Shepherd, Summer married and started a family, putting her college days on hold until she resumed studies at Ashworth.


It was an abnormal psychology class at Glenville State College that sparked Summer’s interest in psychology. The more she worked with web writing and search marketing, she realized there was a connection between psychology and buying habits. She decided to go back to college to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a focus on Psychological Marketing.

Glenville State College

Summer spent two years attending Glenville State College for nursing. She maintained a 4.0+ GPA for the duration of her studies until transferring to Sheperd University for nursing school and business school. Summer attended college on an athletic scholarship for shot put and discus throw. While at Glenville State, she ranked 4th in both sports in the region.

Health Supplements

5,000 Projects Completed

Summer originally started learning about health supplements as the lead supervisor for 15 health and wellness brands. As such, she was responsible for learning all aspects and characteristics of the supplements sold by the brands. To do so, Summer extensively researched the health supplement and naturopathic market. She dug through clinical studies on thousands of ingredients learning how they interact with the body and what the user can realistically expect.


1,500 Projects Completed

Over the course of the last 15 years, Summer has written more than 5000 articles on every possible topic in health and wellness. Her extensive health education positioned her to work best with clients who expected only top of the line content based solely on research. To that point, Summer spends hours researching a topic before outlining the article and creating a complete guide.

Search Marketing

200 Projects Completed

Summer started out writing digital marketing articles when then internet was young. She started, and took the website to #1 rankings for various short- and long-tail keywords, eventually selling the website to a digital marketing company.

Recently, Summer completed writing a comprehensive, year-long digital marketing course to be released in late 2021. An extensive number of hours have been spent researching old, current, new, and upcoming digital marketing methods, techniques, and more.


1,000 Projects Completed

Summer has completed thousands of articles for online and offline clients. She specializes in long-form, research content with an emphasis on the health and wellness niche. With that said, Summer also understands the importance of seamlessly integrating SEO keywords and methods within content to appease search engines.

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