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Tricia is a seasoned freelance writer and editor whose experience ranges from newsletters and business reports to magazines and web content across a broad span of industries. She has received several awards for her work in many topics, including enterprise, marketing and technology. Her extensive knowledge of research tools and resources paired with her writing abilities enable her to unearth timely, meaningful information and present it in an engaging, thought-provoking manner.


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Tricia specializes in computer technology, is certified in Microsoft Office applications and is passionate about helping others learn ways to benefit from and simplify technology. She was the contributing editor of a daily email newsletter that provided tips and tricks for Microsoft Office software and has received awards based on her easy-to-follow tutorials for various applications.


Tricia is a health-conscious woman who knows the importance of eating well and staying fit. She has contributed to many fitness publications and websites, and is passionate about helping readers and their families find fun and easy ways to get moving, make healthier meals and make fitness a way of life.


Tricia's personal interest and insights into career discovery and growth originate from a variety of sources, including her past administrative roles, her family’s venture into a business startup and her foray into freelance writing, as well as many other roles she has filled for various for-profit organizations. She has produced articles on everything from landing the perfect job to climbing the proverbial corporate ladder to motivating employees.


Tricia is a dyed-in-the-wool foodie who enjoys discovering, trying and sharing her findings on everything related to gastronomy. Her cookbook collection is as vast as her drawers and cupboards bursting with gadgets, and she is always up for trying out a new recipe, vamping an old one or sampling the fare at a new local eatery.


Tricia is a health-conscious woman whose life has been touched directly and deeply by a number of health concerns. Her sister is a two-time breast cancer survivor and she lost her father to lung cancer. She has suffered pregnancy loss and secondary infertility. Her immediate family has endured endocrine disorders, addiction and many other health concerns, giving her personal insight into the pain, fear and uncertainty that goes along with physical, mental and emotional disorders as well as a passion for finding and presenting the most beneficial, vital and up-to-date information.

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Summary of Product Experience


Tricia is a seasoned freelance writer and editor whose experience includes articles in various print publications as well as numerous websites. She has been a featured and senior writer and has won awards for her articles.

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Tricia is a seasoned freelance writer and editor who has been a featured and guest writer on several blogs. She writes in a friendly voice blended with well-researched information that brings readers back for more.

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