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As a content consultant for websites and businesses, Donna takes both your company or website and your target customers or audience into account. She looks at your company or website the same way she'd look at a living, breathing human being. It has its own personality and quirks and back story. And, like every person, every company or website has a narrative that needs to be told. Donna conveys that story to your ideal client or audience based on what she can learn by researching their preferences, tastes, and worries and what you can tell her about how your business or website fits their needs.
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Donna is a New Orleans freelance writer that specializes in the entertainment, fashion, beauty and legal genres. In addition to writing articles for websites and publications, she also creates full web pages and ad copy for small to medium-sized companies in those niches. She also drafts blog posts for those that wish to focus on the other aspects of their businesses.


Outside of work, Donna is a singer, novelist, blogger, and poet that loves art, music, cats, and warm weather. The love of her life is her sixteen-year-old daughter.


Kaynor Technical HIgh School, Waterbury, CT

This was a hybrid school that taught trades to high school students for 90 days per school year.

Post University, Waterbury, CT

Donna went to school at night and on weekends, as well as online. With summer classes and eight-week modules, she was able to finish in three calendar years.


501 Projects Completed

Donna writes blogs, articles, and web copy for attorneys and businesses selling related services. Most of these were drafted to answer basic questions in ways that laypeople can understand.

Related: She went to college for Legal Studies for 4 years and has a Bachelors' Degree in the field.

She also worked as a paralegal.


101 Projects Completed

Donna writes blog posts or articles for makeup, skin care, and hairstyling sites or for salons, spas and those selling beauty products. She also writes web copy for the latter three.


100 Projects Completed

Donna writes blog posts or articles for fashion sites or for clothing stores and boutiques. She also writes web copy for the latter.

Related: She went to a technical high school where she studied Fashion Design for 4 years and received her diploma from that institution.

Blog Post

1,016 Projects Completed

Donna has built her entire writing career on writing blog posts and articles for various websites. She does this as a ghostwriter for bloggers and website owners that may not have the time or writing ability to this for themselves. She has been doing this since 2008 as a freelancer.


506 Projects Completed

Donna has written numerous articles, since 2008, as a copywriter. Her material is mostly used to draw traffic to her clients' websites. This is so the owners can gain a following and earn ad revenue, or they can more easily sell their services or products.

Web Page

201 Projects Completed

Donna has drafted entire websites' evergreen content, including "About Us," "FAQs," and such.


10 Projects Completed

Donna has ghostwritten and edited many e-books in the last 15 years - most of which are non-fiction. That being said, she has two manuscripts that she plans to self-publish as novels in the near future.


1 Projects Completed

Donna had the pleasure of writing a script for a music video that had no actually video! The "video" was made for the blind audience and was simply a narration of a script she wrote spoken over the music.

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