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Well-rounded professional with seven years writing experience across multiple formats, both online and in print. Imaginative and flexible.

Andrew has written articles on Antarctic exploration, the Cold War, film, travel, as well as several book reviews. He is looking forward to branching out into more content for general audiences.

Andrew appreciates every day absurdity. For instance, the difficulties of making and eating penguin egg omelettes when you work in the Antarctic.

In addition to writing experience, Andrew has lived in ten states and worked no shortage of odd jobs along the way -- horse track employee, camp counselor, carpenter (barely), and teacher.


Multi-faceted writer with many interests and skills looking to expand his portfolio. Interested technical writing, white papers, research, and anything else you might need. Open to new ideas and types of work. Of course, available to work on anything creative, both fiction and non-fiction.

Strong background in writing about history and culture, but can apply the historian's skill-set to your project. Experienced researcher who has worked for digital archives, written material for educational websites, and conducted large-scale research in some of the world's finest libraries and archives.


A writer with wide-ranging interests and insatiable curiosity, always wanting to learn and write about something new. Below are some (always) incomplete lists of topics that I have an interest or background in.

History: just about anything, honestly, but training as a Modern British/ European historian, with an emphasis on colonialism in the 20th century. Published about the history of exploration, British masculinity in the 20th century, and on the origins of cocktails. Anything on the Worlds Wars, Space Race, anti-colonial independence movements, and exploration is in my wheel house. Always open to read about ancient and medieval periods as well.

Education: After seven years of teaching, Andrew follows the ever-changing world of Higher Education. Whether its rising tuition prices, campus culture, or the purpose of an education, I have interest. Open to much broader queries, as well.

Literature: Another hard one to list succinctly. Some of favorites are: Charles Portis, Zadie Smith, Umberto Eco, Barbara Tuchman, Chinua Achebe, John Kennedy Toole, Evelyn Waugh, Mike Davis, Graham Greene, Jon Krakauer, Sebastian Junger, Mary Ann Evans (George Elliott), Leo Tolstoy, George Orwell, and Michael Herr.

Film & Television
Travel & Leisure
Science & Technology


Flagler College

Graduated with BA in History; thesis about T.E. Lawrence and the First World War.
Additionally, I helped work on the St Augustine Civil Rights digital archive in order to chronicle one of the lesser-known chapters of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.
Courses taken across periods in both US and European history; courses include:
Modern Britain, Modern Ireland, Slavery in the US, Ancient Cities, Sport and Leisure in Antiquity, History of the US South, History of Modern Turkey, the Cold War, et cetera

East Tennessee State University

Graduated with MA in British/European history; thesis was about Alan Turing and the growth of cryptography in the United Kingdom during the World Wars.

Classes in Coercive Utopias, First World War, Bible as Historical Text, Scottish history, and the Second World War in Asia.

Served as History Day judge for Middle School documentary category.

University of Kansas

Earned PhD in Modern British & European History with minor fields in global history, history of science and technology, and gender history.

Andrew's dissertation analyzed how Antarctica became Britain's premier scientific colony over the twentieth century, a place of good PR for the empire long after the beginning of Britain's decline.

Also taught for seven years, courses included:
U.S. History (both surveys)
The Sixties
Sex in History
History of Nazi Germany
History of Modern Africa
European history, 1789 - present


40 Projects Completed

Looking for opportunities to write/ assist with projects on education. Andrew taught college undergraduates for seven years at two state universities. This experience made him interested in many aspects of higher education, whether it be rising tuition costs, the social side of university life, or the purpose of an education itself.


9 Projects Completed

Like of the outdoors and camping led him to the study of exploration in college. Casual camper, backpacker, fisherman, and occasional hunter. Loves the writings of Jon Krakauer and, as a result, Andrew has become a widely-read armchair mountain climber. He's especially interested in the culture and communities that form around the outdoors and leisure practices.

Andrew has written about and presented on the history of expedition sponsorship and clothing as well as the culture of mountain climbing across the 19th and 20th centuries.


5 Projects Completed

Andrew is a life-long sports fan, always amazed to see how athletes push their limits and the limits of the game. Has written and presented on the history of the Olympics, fan experiences during the World Cup, and of the political nature of sports.

Played football for 11 years, wrestled for seven. League-wise, find some of my interests below:
MLB: Yankees, Royals
NFL: Kansas City
MLS: Sporting KC
NBA: lapsed Celtics fan.
College basketball: Kentucky and Kansas.

Andrew also follows the Premiere League, college football, the Olympics, and National Team. A passionate follower and supporter of the USWNT, the most dominant US sports team of all time.


50 Projects Completed

Articles published in The Polar Record, DeepSouthMag, and other platforms, almost all of them historical for the most part.


25 Projects Completed

Strong public speaking background, having presented at more than 20 conferences and speaking engagements from elementary schools to international history conferences.

Andrew's style is to prepare short remarks (5-7 pages), generally, but willing to write/ take a crack at your presentation today. Never underestimate the power of the right joke or aside to help make your speech memorable.


4 Projects Completed

With a background in academia, Andrew possesses a strong grant-writing skill-set, earning more than $15,000 in grants and fellowships. If you are looking for someone to get you research money-- let him know. Also willing to look over and punch-up any existing proposals you already have.

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