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Mark has worked as a copywriter for over six years. In that time, he has written many pages that have ranked highly, several of which have earned featured snippets.
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Most of Mark's writing has been for car dealerships, from specials pages to research-intensive fixed ops pages. However, he has also written for a national restaurant chain, fly fishing gear suppliers, fashion boutiques, a locksmith, and other businesses.


Mark's interests lie in taking subjects that may be obscure to some and making them engaging. In his personal life, Mark has a wide range of interests, ranging from comparative religion to tea. He is interested in finding out all he can about a particular subject and conveying it in a way that's easy to understand.


University of Colorado Colorado Springs


1,025 Projects Completed

He has consistently written pages for the automotive industry since April of 2014, and have completed literally thousands of pages in that time. These include model information pages, model comparison pages, service information pages, listicles and other articles, and specials pages for new cars and fixed ops, as well as others.


200 Projects Completed

He has written location pages for over one hundred locations of a nationwide restaurant. In addition, he's written a huge number of menu pages for their website.


20 Projects Completed

He has written multiple pages for fly fishing companies.

Product Description

1,000 Projects Completed

In his six years working with automotive copywriting, he has written well over 1,000 model information and comparison pages.

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