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Mabie A has been working in the digital content & marketing industry since 2006, taking on various roles ranging from content writer to managing editor. Currently, she is working as the Content Strategist & Developer for the in-house marketing team of an art university in California.

Mabie's writing and editing experience go hand in hand, although writing did come first and foremost. Her first editorial job was as an assistant editor, one year into her first content writing job. Since them, her work experience largely vacillated between the two roles, often interchangeably. Even in her team lead/trainer capacities, she would still often find herself taking on writing and editorial tasks; being in content production, it simply cannot be helped.

The same goes for her freelance jobs. She has been doing freelance writing/editing since 2012, most of which are for long-term clients. Among Mabie's longest stints was as a content contributor to one of the biggest media publications in the Philippines, where she was previously based.

Mabie considers efficiency to be one of her strong suits, especially when it comes to meeting tight deadlines. She credits her training and experience at her first job for this, where she was tasked to write at least seven 400-word articles a day. While quantity has always been a subject of great focus for most of these content production jobs, quality is always the priority for her.

She's also learned through her years of experience that communication is crucial in dealing with clients. The brief sometimes will not be as clear or informative as it needs to be, in which case, it is up to the freelancer to reach out to the client for clarification. A writer/editor should not assume or fill in the blanks in the brief in behalf of the client, but rather should verify the information with them. It may be an extra step in the process, but ultimately, this will save time for both parties by avoiding the tedious, and sometimes unnecessary, back and forth of clarifications with the produced work.
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Mabie A has come across a wide variety of topics throughout her years of experience in content production, ranging from gaming news industry blog posts to health insurance company newsletters, lifestyle articles, product reviews, corporate releases, white papers, and advertorials, among others.

She has also earned a good deal of her work experience in SEO content (search marketing), working as a meta tags specialist, content editor, and team/training lead.

Apart from that, she has also written content for film and music websites, as well as product descriptions for the auto industry. For a short while, she also dabbled into cryptocurrency topics.


Mabie A is comfortable and open to writing and editing topics on just about anything under the sun. She is, however, mostly interested in the subjects of art and lifestyle.

Film, music, and literature take up a priority in her interests, which are all conveniently interwoven with her love for travel. She is also interested in geo-political topics, as well as socio-cultural and philosophical discussions. She is deeply interested in language, its complexities and uniqueness, and how it has the power to build, rebuild, mold, and even eviscerate worlds.

Mabie is a seeker of knowledge, and so welcomes any assignment that may come her way, even if the topic is not necessarily something she is comfortably familiar with. For her, these assignments are great opportunities for learning, which could then help her become better as a writer or editor.

When not immersed in activities related to writing, reading, listening, or watching about these topics, Mabie A can be found in the kitchen studying and remaking recipes.


University of Santo Tomas

This is an arts and letters degree earned in Manila, Philippines.

Ateneo de Manila University

This masters degree in Communications followed a Film Specialization track, where Mabie A earned an A for her final oral comprehension exam.

UC Berkeley-Extension

This professional course consists of four semesters covering topics from grammar to copyediting, line editing, and structural editing.


21 Projects Completed

From travel tips to urban survival guides, Mabie A has written a wide variety of lifestyle articles for numerous clients. One of her more prominent regular projects was for a digital publishing firm, which she regularly contributed to as a freelancer.

Under this project, Mabie was assigned different topics, such as product advertorials, events and contents, product descriptions, features, and more.


16 Projects Completed

Mabie A has previously worked as a blog contributor for an automobile website. She regularly created articles on product descriptions for different car makes and models.

She did this project for 2 years, within which she submitted up to five articles ranging from 400 to 600 words per week.


3 Projects Completed

For the past 2 years and counting, Mabie has been creating content such as blogs, newsletters, news and feature articles, and marketing copy, for a higher education institution.


1 Projects Completed

Mabie currently holds a full-time role in the marketing team of a higher education institution.

Blog Post

357 Projects Completed

Mabie A has written hundreds of blog posts in her almost 15-year career in the content production industry. She has produced blog content both in freelancer and full-time staff capacities.

Among her company and freelance experiences include clients for SEO content, health insurance corporations, small business owners, and more.

Press Release

1 Projects Completed

Mabie has written press releases throughout her almost 15-year career as content developer in the industry. She has written press releases for corporate events, fashion shows, product launches, and more.

Newsletter Content

1 Projects Completed

Mabie has numerous written newsletter content throughout her almost 15-year career as content developer in the industry. She has written this type of content for internal communications in her employment, as well as for freelance clients, such as third-party content developer service providers, fashion labels, educational institutions, and others.

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