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John has been a practicing trial lawyer for 50 years. Success in that field, and he's had some, requires writing for a variety of audiences: judges, insurance professionals, professional publications and clients with a wide variety of objectives. The last 30 plus years, John has been a plaintiffs' contingency lawyer and counted on his creativity and writing skills to persuade strangers to agree to compensate him and his clients. His specialties included garden variety personal injury and complicated medical and legal malpractice claims, but he has come to need to have some knowledge in a wide diversity of subject matters. For example, he has managed litigation involving airplanes, farm equipment, antitrust issues, securities brokerage claims, and securities and commodities litigation. John has an interest in the law generally, and also in politics, American history, particularly the Civil War, the environment, health care, and, on the fun side, fishing of all kinds.


John has special experience as a lawyer in several areas of the law: products liability, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and garden variety personal injury claims, among others. Like many in his industry, he started his career as an insurance defense lawyer, but, for the last 30 years or so, has nearly exclusively represented clients injured either physically or financially by the carelessness or intention of wrongdoers. At the core of all of that work is conceiving and delivering persuasive arguments...sales on a commission.
Also, for the last 30 years he has represented a special interest organization in its legislative interests in the state legislature. He reads proposed legislation to identify proposals that impact the organization's interests, creates reports about those impacts, proposes amendments to lessen or enhance the identified impacts and offers arguments for the support of those positions.
As one might imagine, writing letters and memorandums communicating positions, proposing resolutions to disputes, and seeking to persuade is a large part of his practice.


John has an interest, without claiming particular expertise, in a wide diversity of subjects: bird watching and feeding; all things natural; fishing; politics; government and governance; archaeology; anthropology; medicine; and religion.


University of Kansas

Attended from 9/1/62 to 5/31/66 approximately for undergraduate degree and from 9/1/66 to 5/31/69 for Juris Doctor degree.


1,000 Projects Completed

Virtually all of his writing experience has been in this industry.


1,000 Projects Completed

Much of John's practice in the medical and legal malpractice fields has required review and summary of sometimes thousands of records to assess the quality of the performance of professionals and to identify the parts of that performance that required analysis by experts for standard of care and causation. Once that is done, it is converted to an outline for an examination of witnesses and ultimately, a letter summarizing all of those facts, among others, into a demand for settlement to get the matter resolved.


100 Projects Completed

Working as a contingency lawyer, the ability to monetize a claim for a particular loss often depends on the existence of insurance which will cover the damage produced by the wrongdoer. As a consequence, I have examined hundreds of insurance policies for coverage and communicated the results of that analysis to clients, other lawyers, and insurance professionals.


50 Projects Completed

His speech writing experience includes the materials for making presentations to other lawyers on a variety of topics intended to educate.

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