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Alexandria M
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Alexandria is a writer and editor with my several years of experience writing and managing a section at a newspaper. She has a B.A. in communications with a concentration in journalism and a B.A. in film and video studies with a concentration in Screenwriting.

She has written for online and print newspapers, literary magazines, radio stations, blogs, web series, feature scripts, and TV pilot scripts

She tells stories in creative ways from her background in media production.
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Specialties include, but are not limited too:
- News articles
- reviews
- blog posts
- comedic writing
- scripts
- cover letters / resumes


Alexandria's greatest joy is bringing other people entertainment or making them consider the world around them in different ways because of her writing, for this reason, she is interested in writing pieces that bond people together through the arts, music, fashion, and film. And she finds great delight in satirical and comedic writing to make other people laugh.
She has been writing continuously for newspapers and online publications since age 14, and finds news and culture writing is as natural as breathing.


George Mason University

Alexandria received both a B.A. in Communications with a concentration in Journalism and a B.A. in Film and Video Studies with a concentration in Screenwriting from George Mason University.

Her communications course work was centered on journalism but also touched on public relations and media criticism. Always on top of her classes, she simultaneously worked as a writer and editor for the student-run university newspaper, and as a staff writer for the radio station.

For her film and video studies course work she took classes in scriptwriting, wrote a full-length feature film for her senior capstone, and produced several short films. Part of the program included taking english classes in creative writing, creative nonfiction writing and game design writing.

George Mason University


24 Projects Completed

With a B.A. in Film and Video Studies, Alexandria has not only written about the entertainment industry she also has experience being a producer of short films and know how the independant film industry functions.


5 Projects Completed

Interviewed and written artist profiles on mucisians for print, as well as writing numerous music and album reviews for radio.


3 Projects Completed

Alexandria wrote articles for a fashion blog on the topics of how young people are affected by the fashion industry and work to find their own sense of style. She focused her writing on how the cultural and political climate affects the way we dress and how people present ourselves visually.


30 Projects Completed

As a writer with a newspaper, Alexandria turned in weekly articles for the news, and culture sections, as well as the satire edition of the paper. She would complete anywhere from 1-3 articles in a week.

Radio Spot

4 Projects Completed

Alexandria chose and wrote up information for a radio stations "Track of the Day" program as well as "Album of the Week"

Blog Post

3 Projects Completed

In Alexandria's previous employment she updated the blog for an art-house film distributor based in London, with news about current productions.

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