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By far one of the more detailed-oriented and self-critiquing writer you might ever find! Yet despite his over-zealous attention to detail and his ensuring of almost absolute perfection, Tracy still maintains his consistent and unwavering dedication to always meeting the deadlines set upon him.
However, while Tracy's work ethic and passion for perfection is to be applauded, what really separates his submissions to clients from other writers they may have collaborated with in the past truly lies within the content itself. It seems to matter not one iota what the particular topic a client requests to be written by Tracy, he always creates and returns to them content which far surpasses their expectations.
Tracy has been writing for just over a decade now and while a vast majority of his work has been dedicated toward writing content for attorneys and/or their firm's websites. His talent for writing and skill of articulation were honed writing informative and factual based articles on a wide variety of topics daily prior to his landing in the legal niche.
Regardless of the type of content. Whether it be for an attorney's website or a unique perspective on a particular product for review, if Tracy is author writing it you can rest assured you and your site's visitors are going to absolutely love it!


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Summary of Industry Experience


It was clear to Tracy after writing his very first legal article that legal seo would forever be his calling card to the world. Unlike other writers who may find writing personal injury content somewhat boring, Tracy becomes extraordinarily excited each time he asked to write content for an attorney specializing in PI.
His understanding of insurance company tactics to deny claims, such as their software program Colossus or their trolling social media sites for evidence to use against victims in court, is unlike any most seasoned attorneys have ever seen!
His ability to articulate legal jargon into informative and accurate information that readers actually understand, enjoy reading and answers many of their questions is what makes Tracy one of the most lethal legal seo writers in the business!


Tracy first became interested in financial planning and commodities investing when his son's school project turned into Tracy's pure obsession! While his son's class received 2nd place in their stock investing project, Tracy's interest in commodities resulted in his now writing 1st place content for several websites in the investment niche.


If there is one thing Tracy often admits in regards to his ability to write as if he truly knows all there is to know about everything is that he feels he does not know enough.
It is because of this that he has began focusing a lot more attention toward the many various ways the internet has allowed the world to become more educated. The resources available at the click of a button and in particular, online colleges have become somewhat of a hobby that Tracy truly enjoys.

Real Estate

Due to Tracy being the imaginative dreamer that he is, scanning sites such as Truila in search of homes and property within the areas he one day dreams of retiring to has become his second favorite hobby. This hobby has also allowed Tracy to remain current on real estate prices and even the best cities to visit, live in or retire to and why.


Many clients are surprised by Tracy's ability to write such detailed, accurate and enjoyable to read content in regards to medical procedures, medicines and medical treatments which most outside the medical realm would not quite understand.


Although his favorite sports are football, basketball and stock car racing, Tracy has the unique ability to write about any sporting event as if he were an expert or an actual participate in the game.


Tracy was a drywall installer and finisher for over 16 years prior to his becoming a full-time writer and content creator. That, along with what seems as though a lifetime in the mobile home industry, qualifies Tracy to write on virtually anything relating to construction.

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