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Shelby is a writer, journalist, SEO specialist, ORM specialist, and editor with over a decade of experience. She holds certifications as a nutritional specialist, a physical trainer and a creative writer.

At age 15, Shelby graduated college and pursued her certification as a nutritional specialist/physical trainer. That same year, she enrolled at AIO to pursue a BA in interior design.

Shelby later discovered her love of working from home as a writer and has made it her primary profession for more than a decade. She has worked with Liberty Tax, Amazon, Netflix, and other large organizations, as well as politicians, lawyers, startup owners, and more. For the past three years, she has focused on the growing Online Reputation Management (ORM) industry.

In February of 2019, she hopes to publish her first book.
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Shelby prefers projects involving SEO, ORM, SMM, and journalism. She specializes in health, fitness, spirituality, interior design, and finance, but she has yet to find a topic she cannot write about successfully.


Shelby is studying to become a certified yoga instructor and has become a 35th-generation Shaolin disciple.


ACSM and U.S. Career Institute

Shelby obtained her Physical Training and Nutritional Specialism certification first from U.S. Career Institute at age 15. She later upgraded to a certification through ACSM and is preparing to get her Group Training certification in late 2015.

Art Institute Online

Shelby began courses at AIO directly out of high school at age 15. However, she halted her studies halfway through so that she could focus on other pursuits including writing and physical training.


3,009 Projects Completed

As a physical trainer for over a decade, fitness is one of Shelby's top writing subjects. She has written thousands of fitness articles and she has gotten hundreds of clients into shape. Whether she's creating innovative workouts, explaining individual muscle function or inspiring people to start exercising, Shelby delights her clients with her passionate knowledge of fitness.

Shelby didn't stop studying fitness when she got her certification – she's always reading about the latest findings in exercise science and scouring the internet for new workouts. She recently began teaching group fitness classes in addition to her one-on-one sessions with clients and she has found a new passion for writing to physical trainers as well as readers who want to get in shape.

In the coming years, Shelby will obtain her degree in exercise science and strive to solidify her place as an expert in the field.

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1,540 Projects Completed

Shelby has worked as a ghost blogger for over five years, specializing in topics like fitness, nutrition, cooking, travel and landscaping. She also writes blog posts on fashion, pets, technology, pop culture and more when the opportunities present themselves.

In addition to the aforementioned personal-style blog subjects, Shelby enjoys writing blog posts for company websites. She has written posts about SEO, beauty treatments, essential oils, travel, fitness and dozens of other topics to help companies gain customers by increasing their readership. This style of blog work is particularly appealing to Shelby because it allows her to combine her knowledge of SEO with her love of blogging to create effective posts.

Shelby also ran a cooking blog for three years before closing it down when she switched to a lifestyle that was incompatible with the recipes on the blog. She plans to launch a healthy living blog that will include health-food posts in the near future.

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