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David earned a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia. Since that time, he has worked as a professional freelance writer and editor, supplying clients with a wide variety of customized content ranging from blogs to SEO optimized articles to website content and much more. Though he often focuses on entertainment websites—with a particular interest in music—he has produced high quality content for clients of nearly all business types.

His journalism background has provided him with a gift for intriguing and informative interviews in addition to a high degree of respect for deadlines in a business world that requires quality content delivered when promised.

In addition to the above writing specialties, he has written two ebooks, both focused on how to compete in today’s constantly changing music industry. These books, and other music industry writing, have become a specialty for him as he continues to explore the ins and outs of a complex business that is consistently evolving to keep up with today’s digital world. As a former touring and session musician, he also has first-hand experience in the business to draw engaging and, most importantly, pertinent anecdotes and information.

Currently, David is excited about writing for the many web and mobile app start ups that are bringing exciting new products to the internet age. He finds the work fascinating and loves working with new companies that have exciting products they want to present to the public and investors. He has always loved the idea of a novel product that can change people’s lives for the better, and enjoys being part of the process that makes that happen.

So whether you need content for your pharmaceutical company, your art supply store, your new personal website or nearly any other business, David would love to work with you to deliver the quality work you require.


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Summary of Industry Experience


In addition to his focus on music, David enjoys writing about all aspects of the entertainment industry. In the past, he has written blogs and articles about Broadway shows, film and television, to name a few. Enjoying the process of researching and staying up-to-date on all aspects of the entertainment industry, he loves tackling new projects that allow them to do this as part of his work.


With a lifelong interest in music of nearly all types, David R began his freelance writing career by seeking out clients in need of music related writing. Though his writing now consists of a much wider variety of subjects, he consistently delivers quality music writing to numerous clients in the form of blogs, reviews, articles, interviews, ebooks and SEO optimized content. Subjects he has focused on range from the artists themselves to informational content in the form of articles and ebooks. As a former musician himself, he has seen the inside of the industry first hand, and uses the information he learned to compliment his extensive research.


A car enthusiast since he was a child, David has a long standing relationship with a client that requires in-depth history of different car models for each year of that car's history. This includes both technical and historical information, and has allowed David to turn a passion into a specialty.

He now uses this expertise (which he further hones with each additional project) to work with a wide variety of clients that need content concerning the auto industry. He would be glad to put this knowledge to work for you.


In addition to his own hobbies (including playing playing music, getting into baseball every season, going to concerts, etc.), David loves to learn more about what every one else enjoys doing in their free time. He has written for numerous clients catering to niche hobbies, many of which he found fascinating as he researched not only what it took to get into each hobby, but what attracts folks to the activity in the first place. He would love to work on any niche hobby content you have.


Being a freelance writer allows David to the opportunity to travel more than he would working a 9-5 office job, and he loves to take advantage of this opportunity whenever he can. So it is only natural that he also enjoys writing about not only his adventures, but also about travel destinations around the world.

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Blog Post

David has written and continues to write a multitude of blogs spanning numerous topics, styles and readership. He loves the learning process that comes with gathering information about the topic at hand, and presenting it to readers in a clear and concise manner. Whatever your blog needs, David will deliver the high quality work you need in a timely manner.

Press Release

David's press release writing to date has been mostly focused on the entertainment industry, though he would love to use the experience he's gained to widen the variety of press releases he works writes. His journalism background provides him with the means to write clearly and effectively to deliver your audience all the information they need. Please contact him with any press release needs you have.

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