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With more than seven years of experience creating video scripts, marketing copy, cover letters, press releases, web content, articles, blog posts and stories, Anne W. is a writer who loves to find the perfect words for all occasions and outlets. Anne graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a bachelor's degree in drama and a minor in psychology then went on to receive a certificate in creative writing from the University of Chicago. Her background in marketing and publicity has given her the skills to craft web-optimized content and attention-grabbing copy that has garnered solid results for the products she's represented.

Anne's writing has covered hundreds of topics including business, architecture, travel, art and music but she's especially passionate about theatre, books, holidays, running, healthy living and pets. She is accustomed to changing her writing voice to suit the target audience, whether it's strictly formal or more laid-back. Anne is excited to help you with your writing needs. Her current rate starts at 45 cents/word.


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Anne W's Outdoor/Recreation Industry Experience

50 Projects Completed

Anne has written numerous articles about outdoor vacations, adventure travel, camping, national parks, RVs and more. In her spare time she also enjoys participating in outdoor activities, including hiking, swimming, paddling and camping.

Industry Projects

  • Publishing1,000+
  • Marketing100+
  • Business100+
  • Real Estate100+
  • Home Living100+
  • Medical50+
  • Travel50+
  • Outdoor/Recreation50+
  • Pets20+

Summary of Industry Experience


With a total of 5 years of experience in the publishing industry, Anne has worked in the marketing and publicity departments of 3 publishing companies.


With several years of experience working as a marketing specialist, Anne creates engaging and effective ad copy, corporate press releases, website content, catalog copy and a variety of other marketing materials.


During her career in book publishing, Anne wrote copy and press materials for numerous business books in a variety of subgenres. She also regularly pens business articles and covers such topics as financing, loans, entrepreneurship, marketing, financing, human resources, social media and more.

Real Estate

Anne has written highly detailed articles about individual real estate markets, mortgage advice and real estate trends. With close family members who work in the real estate industry, she has always taken in an interest in this subject and she loves providing readers with information that will help them make sound decisions related to home buying and selling.

Home Living

Anne specializes in creating blog posts and feature-length articles about home living. Her writing has covered home decor, home technology, organization, green living, RVs, moving tips and much more. Many of her articles have also required her to conduct in-depth research and expert interviews.


Anne has written numerous articles about dental, medical and general health topics. With her past experience working in a medical genetics office, she is familiar with the medical and dental fields and she enjoys writing about more complex topics in ways that make them accessible for the average layperson.


In addition to writing press releases and blog articles on travel destinations, Anne has written numerous descriptions of hotels, restaurants, theme parks and other travel destinations. Her travel writing paints an intriguing picture of each attraction and conveys the unique style and attitude of that particular city or region.


Anne has written numerous articles about outdoor vacations, adventure travel, camping, national parks, RVs and more. In her spare time she also enjoys participating in outdoor activities, including hiking, swimming, paddling and camping.


A lifelong animal lover who has owned a number of pets, Anne loves writing about animal companions. She has written about pet adoption, animal health and pet entertainment for a variety of outlets and brands - including Purina. This is one of her favorite subjects!

Product Projects

  • Press Release500+
  • Article100+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Web Page100+
  • Script/Video100+
  • White Paper20+

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Anne worked as a publicity associate and then a publicist for a total of three years. During that time she wrote more than 1000 press materials, including releases, cover letters, and email pitches.


Anne has written numerous articles for companies in a variety of fields. She enjoys researching new and familiar subjects and producing well-organized, highly readable and engaging articles.

Blog Post

Anne has written blog posts for a several companies and she also regularly contributes to her own blog, which provides daily inspiration for writers.

Web Page

Anne has written website copy for companies and professionals in numerous industries - with a particular focus on the real estate industry. With a background in marketing and publicity, Anne creates flawless copy that is engaging and accessible and that converts readers into customers and clients.


With a degree in drama and extensive experience in theatre, Anne is a playwright whose works have been produced around the country.

Anne's ability to capture natural speech patterns and embody a company's desired voice have led her to write marketing and sales scripts for major brands, including Verizon Wireless, Helzberg Diamonds and Dell.

White Paper

Anne has written more than a dozen white papers for companies in various industries. She draws from extensive research and the company's brand identity to tell compelling stories while providing in-depth information for readers.

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