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Laurie began writing professionally in 1995. Her print series includes Mardi Gras and Mon Vocabulaire. After attaining Canadian and American teacher certification and earning a Master of Arts in language education, she used her expertise to create many educational resources for teachers with Tralco Educational Publications. Her recent work includes hundreds of do it yourself internet articles.

Laurie developed her first Web site, Educator's E-Source, in 2001. She has since contributed content to a variety of foreign language learning. During the past year she has also written over 700 articles for a Do It Yourself website.


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Industry Projects

  • Auto100+
  • Home Living100+
  • Education100+
  • Craft50+
  • Kids/Family50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Laurie has written automobile articles for various websites. Her content details the pros, cons and overview details of individual models.

Home Living

Laurie has written hundreds of DIY articles that assist home owners in making repairs, improvements and decorative designs.


As a teacher with over twenty years of experience, Laurie has created countless plans for a variety of subjects and academic years.


Laurie has developed numerous craft articles for both children and adults. These step by step projects are easy to follow.


As both a mother of two children and a teacher with extensive experience, Laurie has written many articles providing information on family and kid oriented activities.

Product Projects

  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience


Laurie has written online articles for various automobile, DIY, arts and crafts and educational websites.

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