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Ana P. began her writing career as a freelance reporter at The Potomac News, a then-daily newspaper in suburban Washington, D.C. Shortly thereafter, she became a features reporter at The Manassas Journal, another daily newspaper in the Washington metropolitan area. Fascinated by the human condition, Ana has explored everything from the anxiety of a Russian ballet dancer’s American debut to the inner workings of a remote, emu farm and its lucrative specialty-meat market. After writing news for six years, she returned to college to formalize a journalism degree. During that time, her interests matured and expanded to specialized topics, such as autism, special education, and women’s issues. Writing about fun topics, as well as serious causes, has broadened her versatility and fine-tuned her approach toward individual projects, based on specific requirements and needs. As a reporter and writer, Ana is an astute professional that understands the nuances of media. In addition, a proud parent of two, one of whom is a special-needs child, she is also sensitive toward children’s advocacy and general parental concerns. As are many writers in this new media era, she is experienced in SEO writing and proficient with keyword utilization. She has also written marketing material, such as press releases and white papers. Media is an evolving platform and requires writers to be fluid, educated and aware. She believes in genuine voice and professional delivery. She believes in catering to the needs of a client, respecting the importance of readership and scope. She believes in the passion of writing, as well as solid, compelling product.


When in writing mode, Ana P. prefers newswriting, particularly features. However, she is no stranger to copywriting and technical writing. Arts, social hot topics and human right issues take precedence when she is on her laptop. Food, wine and humor are subjects that also catch her interest.


Ana P.’s enjoys writing about human interests. However, topics with high social relevance are what she writes about with conviction. Women’s issues, social justice and special-needs children are subjects at the top of her choice writing list. Finishing a strong second to her top-choice topics are food and wine. A self-dubbed “closet cook,” she relishes writing about the culinary arts, as well.


Kent State University

Ana decided to formalize her work experience with a degree in print journalism. Choosing to pursue a technical form of education meant rigorous course work in copyediting and hard news reporting. Coupling the technical skills with previous feature reporting added to her writing experience and helped her become a better, well-rounded writer.


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While formalizing a degree in journalism at Kent State University, Ana P. covered various on-campus beats for the university, daily student newspaper, The Daily Stater. There, she covered a wide range of topics, including finance, nursing and courts. Whether the article covered campus burglary or revelry, all articles, based on the particular medium, covered an aspect of higher education.


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Is there anything better than a satisfying, gourmet meal and the perfect glass of wine to go with it? According to Ana P., there is not. Beginning of her newspaper career as a freelance arts and entertainment reporter, she found herself hopping restaurants and crashing farms, all in the name of readership. From emu herds to mountain wineries, Ana appreciates good taste and loves to write about it.


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Ana P. is naturally compelled to discuss and write about women’s issues and interests. Growing up in a heavily conservative region with a highly liberal mother, she learned to question the status quo as much as the contrary. She greeted her own womanhood with an open mind and a quick pen. She has been writing strong ever since.


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