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Jacqueline W. is currently a freelance writer for various companies and has an AA degree in business administration. Her background has been in administration for many years, thereby giving her the ability to write content with good grammar and good language tactics. Jacqueline loves being a writer and continues to improve in her writing skills. She hopes to explore other areas in the writing industry that will enable her to be one of the best writers in the industry. She delights in the health and wellness area. She had once decided to become an RN, in the medical arena, but decided to major in the business administration area. She still continues to explore the health field as well as many other areas of the freelance world of writing. She also delights in researching much of the writing that she provides for various companies. She is very dependable and continues to seek out companies that are reputable and that she can be a great asset to as a great writer for many years to come.
Her motto is: "Stick with the best and I will do the rest".


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Jacqueline W. has written an article about the Sprint Prepaid Network emphasizing that the Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile phones perform well on Sprint's strong network.

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She has written many articles on different topics for a competitor similar to WriterAccess. She continues to research and submit good articles to various companies, thereby expanding her writing abilities to that of becoming more involved and getting more exposure in being a freelance writer. As she continues to explore various articles, she continues to delight in the various areas that she can conquer and doing so continues to drive be to want to be the best that she can be as a freelance writer.


She described why a person needed home insurance and the particular types of insurance needed in New Jersey.


She has written articles for various colleges with descriptions of what may be involved in enrolling into the school and what classes to take and what is mainly involved in getting the desired degrees for a particular school.


She has written an article on how a banker should react to a customer and what it takes to become a personal banker in the banking industry.


She basically covered what Penny Stocks are and how to chose the right stock and knowing how to trade for financial gains.


Jacqueline W. has written an article on Rare Earth ETF, also known as rare earth strategic metals. It is a stock market item that is based on agriculture.


She has written an article on an electronic device called Brother PPF -2820, which has multiple abilities, such as that of a fax machine and a printer.

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  • Article3
  • Mobile Content1

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Blog Post

Jacqueline W. has a blog where she writes informative health and wellness information for the local area of Sacramento, Ca.


Jacqueline W. has written an article describing what a Commercial Mortgage entails.

Mobile Content

Jacqueline W. has written an article about the Sprint Prepaid Network emphasizing that the Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile phones perform well on Sprint's strong network.

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