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Kayla L. has been an online freelance writer since 2007. She has written for various publications across the Web on virtually every subject. She is also the author of Maiden’s Blush, a Christian fiction romance novel that she began writing at the age of 16 and published at the age of 18. She is an English major who aspires to publish more books and work in a publishing house herself one day as an editor. She places a high value on education and enjoys freelance writing immensely because it allows her to exercise her passions for writing, researching and learning.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Kayla loves doing crafts. As such, she has written numerous articles on crafting.


Kayla studies fashion and even creates her own clothing and accessories. Therefore, she loves researching more about the latest trends and reporting her findings.


Kayla specializes in writing about organic and herbal health products. She's experienced writing articles pertaining to cosmetic surgeries, diet and fitness and organic health.


Musical theater and opera are two of Kayla's passions, so it is no wonder she's written many articles devoted to musical theater history and culture.


Kayla keeps logs of all her travels, and has written numerous travel articles for well-known online publishers. She frequently travel for work and writes about her numerous experiences in new cultures.


As the wife of a disabled Vietnam veteran, Kayla is well-versed in VA law and writes many informative articles pertaining to Veteran's Affairs benefits and compensation.


One of Kayla's relatives owns her own salon, and she learned much by assisting her with her beauty services. She loves sharing her knowledge of beauty tips and tricks through writing.

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